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And the mountain spoke down to Chris Pronger . . . 8 games. Methinks he got off a bit light, but better than the big fat zero flub they made the first time round. Plus, Isles take on Montreal tonight.

Chris Pronger, according to TSN, you know, the guys where they think grainy footages are non-crimes, has been handed down via his conference call an 8 game suspension. God only knows what they would have made of the Zapruder film. But, it is certainly better than the non suspension. What it all does put in play is that there cannot be this silly rush to be noncommittal when there is an investigation warranted. Not that the league even investigated. No, we can thank fans outcry and better angles available due to the internet. Maybe this will help the league to recall that there are more than one camera following the plays.

Is it justice? Probably in that they corrected themselves. But once you compare records to Chris Simon's, and yes, the situation and action was different, is still gets a wee bit blurry. Personally, I think he should have been out the rest of the regular season plus the 1st round of the playoffs. But, alas. This is an imperfect world, and an imperfect league, and very much an imperfect discipline system.

Now, before all the Isle fans and Simon apologists come out of the woodwork, lets get a grip. Simon deserved all 30, and lets also recall, Simon just came off another record-maker from his swing on Hollweg. Pronger had an elbow to Mcammond's head that got him some playoff games. Big difference. Part of what Simon ate on the discipline was his last boffo infraction played a large part. It skews the table, so to speak, and magnifies the punishment. Pronger might have gotten off a touch light, but Pronger also has anger issues. So, just wait and see for the next one. Could be this coming playoffs when he gets another brain cramp.

Shades of gray seems to be the theme here. Pronger just might get his eventually. Lets hope nobody get seriously hurt then, though.

Pronger Elbows McAmmond in last year's playoffs

<b>Isles vs Montreal</b>

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Oh wait, they are on the road. So, in the great city of Montreal, the Isles come in to play a team who has had their number all season long. Bob Gainey's boys finally have hit their stride. I wrote about Gainey and Montreal over the summer, and most of it has come to fruition on my Canadian team series. Toronto tanked. Edmonton sits in limbo, albeit at least a winning record in the 12th spot, and Montreal has risen and is playing great hockey.

To read those fun little romps where I stirred up some fans, check the Appetite for Destruction series I wrote here! Links to them: http://www.hockeybuzz.com...=2007.7&blogger_id=85

Ted Nolan has been juggling lines. As we saw back in October. So now we have come full circle once again. At least now, some youth sit on these lines. Guerin is on a line with Park and Tambellini.

Per Greg Logan, the Isles ever-stalwart beat writer for Newsday, Witt has been skating, but is likely not to play. Gervais MIGHT be out for the season due to effects of a concussion.

Meanwhile, fellow Blog Boxer, Tom Liodice, has some info and video from Bridegport's latest to cheer everyone up. Go read about The Brawl!

Tom and I hearken from the old HFboard days from years past. If you want to keep up with Bridgeport, Tom should be on your must-read list.

More on the Montreal and Isles tilt tomorrow.

- BD
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Could you talk about something else other than Chris Pronger?
March 15, 2008 5:39 PM ET | Delete
Great blog! 8 games a little thin...I love HF Boards....Great reads there!
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