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Blog Box Cocktail Party

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On Friday, February. 29th, at 8pm, at my swanky apartment in Freeport, was another first for sport bloggers. A blog box cocktail party. A giant leap for blogger kind as they descended his abode for booze, wine, beer, soda, cheese platters, shrimp, veggies, dips, and all sorts of goodies.

There were the NYI blog boxers and their significant others. There was two members of 2 Man Advantage, Scott and Danny. There was even Greg Logan, Newsday's excellent Isles Beat writer, who came with his lovely wife. And, my heathen sibling Scott Gallof, dreaded Hockeybuzz NY Rangers blogger, who sported a Sean Avery shirt under his button-down. Somehow he survived, and wasn't slugged in the jaw.

People kindly brought wine, beer, and some brought some goodies. Greg's wife made his favorite cake growing up. An Albuquerque cake which was his grandmother's recipe. It was brought on a dish. Others brought chocolates. 2Man came sporting a Budweiser pack, which they broke open to comfort them on the LIRR ride from the big city.

We spoke of good times in the blog box. Hockey. Some told stories. Scott from 2Man Advantage was the only one of all the 18 people who were there who somehow startled the friendly kitten, who scampered away from him and avoided him the rest of the evening. In his Budweiser haze, Scott descended upon the food spread with a great hunger, leaping from cheese to shrimp with a great fervor.

Danny provided commentary on Scott's moves at the table like how Emrick calls a hockey game, but somehow also channeling Jim Ross from the WWE. Later on, my brother Scott launched into a tirade, trying to find out which person from 2man who was in our fantasy hockey league kept trying to trade for his dman Chara all season. The Scotts' haggled, as if a NHL GM swap meet. However, much like the Isles trade deadline, not much happened.

Two Man Advantage In The Wild!

Music played from Miles. Davis, James Brown, David Brubeck, the Ocean's 11 and 13 soundtrack, providing background music as stories were told and hockey notes on. Season compared. We had better appreciation for some things happening in hockey. Less for others. BD told on how his Calgary rumor, fact or fiction, came about. Scott wished the Rangers would provide the new media the same opportunities that the Isles were doing.

Here is the Blog Boxers, who all deserve a read:

The cocktail party was merely an extension of the good vibes and good people of who sit in that box for each Isles game. Each person is talented, and even if they don't precisely all use the box and it's access, like the always great www.islandersarmy.com or www.newyorkislanderfancentral.blogspot.com, they are outstanding reads. One doesn't need inside info nor team access to be great blogs.

We ended all our laments, good times and revelry with coffee, crumb cake and Logan's tasty squares. It was only after everyone left that BD realized that the Logan's left their dish. Then, suddenly, the next day, that dish was gone. Lost like the Isles opportunities and offensive goals for this season.

Or was it . . .

For more on that, check out my Sibling Rivalry feature:

- BD
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March 4, 2008 8:05 PM ET | Delete
Hopefull, the first of many such festive events B.D.! Great fun! Thanks so much!
March 5, 2008 2:15 AM ET | Delete
Man that sounds like a blast.
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