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Isles have a shot of a home-at-home sweep of the Senators. More interestingly, Josh Bailey has a shot of sweeping out a vet as a mainstay this season if he performs well in the next handful of games.

Ottawa comes to town probably pretty hyped up over a few things. Their stinker at home in Ottawa where those of the Canadian Press dismiss us. Then that numb reality when we walk out of there with a win. How about our own shock that we not only had a third period leads, but added a goal to it. Then we have Thomas Pock's hit on Shannon which led to a 5 game suspension. To be honest, despite many of those who I respect surprised at that number, I think Pock's flying elbow warranted it or at least close to it. However, quite rightly, we should question the NHL's inability or at least plain cold reticence to penalize their stars.

That is another issue altogether in the League of Their Own.

Speaking of something hot and heavy, how about the Lighthouse Project rhetoric coming at a record pace from Bettman, the league, the press and yet stone cold silence on Long Island from both the Lighthouse Project/Islanders as well as Nassau County/Town of Hempstead. There is a reason. This is called positioning and posturing when something is on the line.

It is very likely that Environmental Report has come back and both sides are working out some differences.

As to the constant barrage of those who have not a clue outside of Long Island, we get the usual "Isles must be moving" crap.

It is false, not part of the talk, and mere conjecture from the hockey good old boy network backroom chatter that is the usual misguided yet arrogant musings of those who talk to former players or back alley hounds who haven't a clue. I had to deal with one last week who told me matter-of-factually several things that were dead wrong.

The Lighthouse Project plugs along and on-point. When they break ground or some sort of concessions need to be made within smaller schemes are really at issue here, not the project itself. Small pieces to a bigger tapestry that has very little opposition and a lot of supporters.

So keep singing that "catchy" tune.

Meanwhile, as Greg "Cobra Kai" Logan and Chris "They Call Me Bruce" Botta have already implied, it seems Bailey MIGHT be here to stay if he performs to the level they want/hope/expect. This has held true since Garth told him to find a place to live on Long Island back over the summer. This has been true since the Isles brought in tutors and vets like Doug Weight. This will be true if Bailey plays to what they saw back on Thursday and in preseason. The Isles WANT his playmaking ability.

The writing is on the wall for Mike Comrie, who has all but disappeared this season. His hip is being looked at? Really? Someone should aim a bit higher behind his ribs. Comrie is just not present nor accounted for.

So tonight, Ottawa comes to avenge a hit and loss. Isles better be ready, because it will not be like Thursday. It might be a bit more tenuous.

Can they sweep the leg?

- BD
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Speaking of something hot and heavy, how about the Lighthouse Project rhetoric coming at a record pace from Bettman wrought iron fence
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