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Unlike the likely telegraphed tear from Hillary Clinton just a few days ago, designed to appeal to the New Hampshire woman voter, the Isles show of vulnerability last night in the first period was NOT the same thing. There was no "plan". No play of the media. Just an absolute flat rollout as one man somehow kept them in the game.

Watching that first period last night was absolutely excruciating for any Isles fan. For the Isles had already shown inconsistency in the Colorado OT loss, and then completely tanked in Edmonton. Last night, for the first period, it was more of the same. Vancouver came out roaring, and for a while there it looked very dim. Giveaway after giveaway, the puck seemed to almost be passed by Isles to Nuck players. It was so brutal at one point, it looked like the EDM game would be continued.

Instead, it only solidified Sports Illustrated magazine's latest article that declares Rick DiPietro as one of the top 3 goaltenders in the league, along with Brodeur and Lundquist. In fact, this season seems to be the DiPietro coming-out party as he is starting to get the recognition he deserves. And last night was a good example of why he has earned it. Rick was the ONLY reason that the game wasn't a 5-2 blowout or more.

The only caveat to the SI article is the GLARING ommission of former Isles, Roberto Luongo. Luongo's stats and numbers are just as strong. And much like the Rangers and Isles, the Canuck team around him is not a barnburner. Luongo and DiPietro dueled last night like to master wizards. Two great goalie standouts to a new generation of them in the NHL. DP might have eaten the loss, but his 43 saves is another big plus to what is a flawed team for Long Island.

Much like a political campaign, the air is getting thick with constant issues. Satan, Fedotenko and Vasicek now comprise a 4th line. They came out last night, and almost immediately began the parade of giveaways that had Rick standing on his head to keep the team upright. Somehow the placement on the 4th line had them even playing worse. And one wonders what to do with the Three Amigos, and like the film, they currently playing like 3 buffoons wandering aimlessly over the ice.

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January 9, 2008 3:07 PM ET | Delete
DiPietro was great last night. The game should have been 5-0 though. Luongo fell asleep off his post on Guerin's goal and tried playing soccer with the puck (behind the net) on the second Islanders goal. What's wrong with Satan...among others. They had few or no real scoring chances last night?
January 9, 2008 3:18 PM ET | Delete
Looks like Vasicek is back to form... when he lacks confidence, he plays awful. Any stretch without scoring turns him into a big clueless muppet.
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