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So after another drubbing upon the Isles, the Official Isles website has 4 stories and features on Kyle Okposo, along with the China story. And nothing about the 3-0 loss to Montreal last night. The game recap is buried. If you watched the game, you watched an ineffectual offense unable to make a dent in Halak, making him look like Hasek. And despite a better effort and good game by DP, they still were unable to stave off Montreal's effective offense.

The coming of Kyle Okposo was the worst kept secret on the Isles in the last week or so. We all knew it was going to happen. Back when I, with my fellow blog boxers, questioned Garth Snow, who kindly allowed us a special session after we had already been in on the press questions, the question was broached. "Will be see Okposo before the season was out?"

Very possible, was the answer, and it showed Garth's general interest and excitement with a youth movement.

And in lieu of the Isles tailspin into the NHL season ether, with more rumors of a fracture within the team between Nolan and Snow. Albeit these are just rumors, but they seem to be coming at a steady stream now. Was Nolan's touch so golden? Did Garth Snow make more decisions, if not all, back over the summer? Are sides suddenly being taken?

Of course, the fact that they are wrought with injuries and a shell of themselves these days, does not help. The freefall in the standings now has many fans now more excited about what draft pick we'll get this offseason. So, is pressure is mounting within the Isles? There have been no clear words otherwise to stem a rumormill tide that is turning towards some sort of action. Whether to staunchly discount those rumors, or to make definitive changes.

So, while all this is happening, perhaps, is it any wonder why OkposoMania is running wild? I half expect Kyle to come out, rip off his t-shirt and then cup his ears to each side of the rink for cheers from eager OkposoManiacs.

It's a lot of hype and expectation being built for a guy who needs to learn the NHL game. Is politics and the need for good press putting far too much onus on some kids debut? Or just trying to get people excited about the future and to buy-in early to what will be most likely next years biggest story. Where Okposo, Comeau, Tambellini, and others are ready and vets will have to move aside.

So, I will admit, I am intrigued by Okposo coming up. Every kid, especially your blue chip guy, needs a taste. Need just a bit so that they work on over the summer, or in the next training camp just a bit harder to make the transition. I don't think it will hurt development since most of Bridgeport is already playing on LI. And in the 28 games he has played for Bridge, he has 24 pts. And by getting fans onboard early with half-off tickets, is a smart play. Good for fans, good for the team which needs any good news lately.

Something is coming down the pike on LI. On one side is a strong push to have youth unseat vets. There is also a coach who tends to run with vets and his favorites. Either things are going to bend, reconcile or break. But one of these three things will have to happen as this disappointing season comes to a close. Till then, I humbly suggest that you take advantage of those cheaper seats and watch the future. Because as the Isles fall into oblivion, it helps to know that light IS on the other side.

But with all that hype, hoopla and excitement, it is important not to forget to ask questions and try to decide on who exactly is to blame on how we got here this season. Only in accepting and understanding that, can a team step forward thereafter. Tough questions needs to be asked. And if there is dysfunction within, it needs to be addressed. No sides, but a full accounting to all who made this season happen: GM, coach and players.

- BD
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