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Here we are. I'm sitting next to Jim Baumbach, of Newsday. He's decided to blog about us blogging about the trade deadline. You might remember him from the hubbub over asking if the Al Arbour game should count. He's been a good sport, despite his baseball background and hockey noob question that caused a ruckus with Isles fans.

His live blog: http://weblogs.newsday.co...umnists/jimbaumbach/blog/

We met with Comrie earlier. He seemed pleased with the one year deal. Unlike other players who seem to need the multi-year insurance, he seems very comfortable with doing a year.

Coach Nolan was pleased that Comrie was remaining. You could hear it in his voice.

We just did a video interview with Newsday, where we just gave our opinion on the Comrie signing. Overall, we were in agreement. It's a good thing. He's worth the money, and it is good to have a player who wants to stay.

Check in this blog for more. Depending on what happens, I might break them up to Part 1, Part 2, etc.

We are chitchatting over here. One of the big issues for us is bandwidth. To run slingboxes and video, we've found ourselves running reaaaaaaally sloowwwwwwwwww. So we are all talking amongst ourselves as one of us gets some info. Michael Schuerlein of Islesblogger.com is getting the TSN show slingboxed. Tom Liodice of http://www.thetigertrack.com/ is checking his sites, including HFboards. I am using Hockeybuzz, which has been pretty good with the text messaging.

We have heard nada about the Isles. My guess is about the time lunch comes and after at 1pm, it will get hot and heavy. For the Isles, waiting for Hossa and Jokenin to be dealt so the price goes way up. So besides maybe D depth, it might be to the final hour to when things happen for the Islanders.

TRADE: Isles get Rob Davison, a stay-at-home Dman who is 27 years old for a 7th round pick.

Sure, yeah, small deal. But we could certainly use a stay-at-home guy for very low cost. He's also 6 foot 3 and 220 lbs. So, nothing to scoff at either.

Botta is now hanging out with us. Funny how he gets calls from some news guys when he leaves their area. We are all talking about Toronto's difficulty in moving those high-cost players. Nice to be able to talk and hang out.

Ok, back to writing and checking info now.

Time for me to hit some contacts, lets see what I get:

Here's a rumor for you: Montreal might be talking to the Isles. Gainey is looking to do something big, as to why he is attached to Hossa. But it also looks like he has an eye on the Isles.

Maybe some LI boys come home?

A BD rumor for you.

Now that Hossa goes to the Penguins, one of Gainey's targets, is he calling Garth Snow back about Satan and/or Feds?

Simon dealt for 6th rounder at Wild.
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BD..Wake up Garth! He needs a nudge
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26 minutes left... the tension of Isles fans mounts!
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