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Sorry it's been a while. I was on deadline in my glorious job in the world of publishing last week, and then, went away for the weekend.

Check out my newest Battle NY: Sibling Rivalry 2, which is a debate with my Ranger fan brother:

Now, let's get to business . . .

So here we are, upon a Monday night dreary, with Thanksgiving soon coming. The Isles are near the top of a close heap, with the Rangers now springing past Philly. It took a while for the Ranger forwards to jell, but in the meantime, the defense and goaltending was stellar. Now that the team has woken up, they are a force to be reckoned with.

And here comes the Islanders, who despite losses two Philly, a split with Pittsburgh, have two wins over the Rangers. But this game is at MSG, and tonight might be a different team. Luckily the Isles are still plugging away, themselves. Their last game was a gem versus NJ in their new arena, a 1-0 shutout for DP.

MAB and Meyer are the seated men, unsurprising to most, since MAB has left us frustrated with seeing only glimpses of offensive fire, and more worst-of in defense. It has led to trade rumors. But not so fast, rumor hounds. Values have dropped in tradeland. Just ask Anahiem and Burke who held on to Bryzgalov so long that the value dropped. Then they just tossed him on waivers. Now, the Yotes, unable to move Auld now that they reaped the benefit of the Ducks muck, do the same. Another valuable goalie chip that would have me scratching my head if Tampa let him waltz on past.

Here is a valuable lesson on the finicky nature of trade values and market. Things change, and commodities either must be retained to recoop them, or teams must just suck it up. Burke and company sucked it up, for what reason, simply escapes me. But Phoenix gets someone who most felt was better than many other options as middling goalies changed hands over the summer.

A strange scene, just like the scene in Toronto that had Jason Blake, Darcy Tucker and Sean Avery get into it. Rumors were furious, as was the NHL old school who tightened up, lips got real quiet after. Might never know what was truly broached, but as some have said of Sean Avery that he is known for talking trash about personal issues to opposing players.

Tonight, the Isles see Avery once again, and the in the Garden no less. It will be a test for the Isles discipline. And it will be hot tonight. The cooler heads will prevail.
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