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With his latest Sundin blog, TSN's Darren Dreger cites the Isles as a dark horse. Has Garth stared too hard at Brett Farve from across the street? How does this follow the plan? Well, it doesn't.

A quick word on the latest rumor du jour, before I head out for some R&R upstate.

Dreger on TSN: "One thing is certain, Sundin won't be pushed. His future will be determined on his terms.

At least six teams have continually expressed interest in signing the unrestricted free agent, with the New York Islanders described as a dark-horse based on Garth Snow's persistence to keep his team in the mix."

So, now my quick word . . .

Not happening

here's another . . .

Should not happen, either

I have to think that someone on the Isles is a bit too enamored with the Brett Farve move by the Jets.

Whether Garth's intrigued by Brett Farve practicing across the street, there is a far difference to the Jets and the Isles. The Jets are marred by a disappointing step backwards, with NO rebuild. The Isles have let all their free agents go and put all on their draft and kids to mix in with the vets.

Snow previously got dazzled by the offer of Ryan Smyth. Of course, the team was considered a playoff pressing team then. But, someone should keep shiny things away from Garth and company. Because if you think that a rebuilding plan is bettered with Sundin...you might be right if you don't mind only the year or two. But, it also crosses words and intentions that have been laid bear to why others were not brought in...

It takes away a position from the kids who are vying for spots.

Snow and the Isles need to commit to the path they have painstakingly laid out. Unless someone is low-cost and will teach/lead or young and will provide a longterm solution (Streit), they DO NOT BELONG on the 2008-2009 NY Islanders.

If Garth deviates from the plan, then all that high and mighty words crumble. We recall another man who would give great talk about a path, then deviate from it on a quick twist or mad deal. Let's not go there. Consistency and sticking to ones guns is the true measure of success.

This hail mary attempt needs a sack.

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