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Your intrepid author has called 4 of 4 Round 2, calling the exact amount of games 3 out 4. So, yes, I am tooting my own horn. Toot!

My predictions made back on April 26th

My Pick Was: Ottawa in 6
Result: Ottawa wins in 5

I predicted that Ottawa would beat NJ in 6. They did it in 5, NJ completely unable to get themselves back together much like Humpty Dumpty. The heats all on Lou, who has pulled off a string of bad decisions in the last few years, despite his genius in years before for this eventual Hall of Fame GM. Bad free agents, bad contracts, bad coaching moves…NJ languishes now in Lou’s own hands. Nobody else to blame here. Sometimes you got to stick with your decisions (Claude Julien) and let the chips fall where they may. Lou failed on this one.

My Pick Was: Anaheim in 5
Result: Anaheim wins in 5. Booya!

I predicted Vancouver would be eaten by the Ducks in 5 games, and was dead-on. Vancouver shining light is Roberto Luongo, who has shown himself one of the best goalies in the league…and unlike Brodeur who tired out this year, Roberto looked very sharp in his first playoff run. I’d call that a passing of the torch. Ducks look great and hungry...and they are doing it quietly. They might sneak right through to a cup if nobody wakes up to the threat they are.

My Pick Was: Buffalo in 6
Result: Sabres win in 6. Booya!

NYR really took a huge step forward this season, despite the up and down year. This teams fights tooth and nail, exudes grit and has stood toe to toe with Buffalo . However, Buffalo closed the door and make me correct once again…and did it at MSG..the mecca of sports. Buffalo ’s mission was clear and they got it done thanks to a stellar 2nd period in game 6. This game was a big barometer for their mettle, which honestly, has not shown Stanley Cup winner previously. Had they faltered, they leaft themselves open for NYR who is very game in big pressure moments. Had this gone to game 7, it would have likely been a coin flip of bad hockey goal reviews and officiating. Buffalo could not let this happen and didn't. Kudos to the Sabres.

My Pick Was: Detroit in 6
Currently: Detroit leads 3-2

So, everyone was all ready to give it all to San Jose . This team dropped in the standings and had struggles for a reason. Consistency is their bane. And Detroit has played a huge in the most pivotal game 5 to put them in the driver’s seat. San Jose has not sat behind in the playoffs till now. How will they react with their backs against the wall? The greatest team on paper is showing why they are not where they need to be yet. Pieces are missing. Somewhere that heart of a winner does not yet beat. Detroit has poise, experience, and now has San Jose feeling the pressure. Those flaws will crack further and Detroit will leave San Jose fans disappointed once again.

***UPDATE: I go 4 for 4 baby! Detroit takes out San Jose in 6 games. Thats the 3rd one I hit right on the mark for games length.

Stay tuned for my continued satire with <b>Clutching and Grabbing<b/>


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Hey, thanks for the comment and reading my blog. I agree, CBJ does have a workload to get where we all think they can be. Ownership did the right thing and revamped hockey operations. On a side note, I personally like the new Isles sweaters. What do you think?
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