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Election Day Victory!

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There are always a few factions after an election day. Those happy or at least satisfied. Another angry, with bitter canned rhetoric looking for anything that can assuage that sour taste in their mouth. Politics can bring out the best and worst of us.

I think any reaction to the election is valid and true to the individual.

Make no mistake about it, this was history last night no matter which voter card you carry. Last night something important happened, whether you think he will tax and spend or save us as your view of Democrats will pivot. What Obama captured yesterday was that a process that still works, no matter how screwed up and manipulated the system sometimes is. Maybe that is the biggest surprise here.

The American Dream is alive and well in the United States. Sure, we've buried it under a ton of punditry, rhetoric, spin, ideals and cash, but it is there just the same. No matter your candidate, this is what reigns supreme yesterday. We'll leave it at that.

Isles Victory

Those aforementioned post-election feelings might be what Isles and Rangers and their fans have on a smaller stage this morning. There is nothing like post-game from the Islanders/Rangers rivalry to capture the bitter feelings, ebullient, surprised, and just plain shocked.

Joey MacDonald might never run for office, but he was judged this summer with much skepticism, especially after numbers in Bridgeport that didn't precisely cause soaring hearts as Garth Snow low-balled Dubie, and gave Joey Mac the backup spot. Instead, he has performed solidly with some strong games, but none as stronger than last night as he single-handedly gave the Isles a win.

Joey Mac was also helped by a defense who seems to finally get how pucks need to be blocked and cleared. The defense actually seemed to come together to rally around the goaltender who was doing a runaway campaing for first star of the game.

Now, it wasn't a Gordon system win by any stretch of the imagination. They did not play offensively well. Instead, they merely took advantage of powerplay breakdowns of the Rangers. Poise mattered as did consistency. This is what won a game that does not answer who the Islanders are or what they will end up being this season. But it did stand as a strong showing for a goalie and a defense that can come together and hold off a solid offense in hostile territory

Isles blocked a lot of shots. The defense also seemed to get the right idea of clearing pucks out of the hot zone of high percentage shooting areas, grasping the need to eradicate rebounds that Joey Mac tends to leave.

Mark Streit, Bruno Gervais and Chris Campoli lead with icetime. Meanwhile, Andy Sutton is using his size, strength and meanstreak to cause a ruckus. Size does matter. Everyone knows when he is on the ice. Including the refs. Sutton just needs to reduce the transgressions, yet keep in opponents faces.

Isles got two scores short handed, but also part of a transitional game. They were able to capitalize on miscues and stutters on the Rangers powerplay. Poise and capitalizing on opponents mistakes shows that despite that the system wasn't played with 100% effectiveness, it still creates options and opportunity.

The even strength play and powerplay still needs some work. The Isles got a big win on a back-to-back game. So, it's a streak...until they test it versus Atlanta on Thursday.
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November 5, 2008 8:35 PM ET | Delete
BD Gallof great blog. I was lucky enough to attend the Obama rally last night at Grant Park in Chicago. I put together a video with the highlights from my vantage point, including when CNN announced Obama had won the election. I'd encourage you to check it out if you get a chance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3_Matfe1cc
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