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When Good Teams Lose

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It had to happen. After all, there were articles on how the Isles were better than predicted. Lots of revisionist pieces from the same usual suspects who slopped down the usual naive vitriol about the Isles at the start of the season. Lots of opened eyes. Lots of kudos. And then they lost two in a row after big wins versus NJ and NYR.

So the panic monkeys all pushed the buttons after. You know what I mean. Read any game thread on any Isles site and they are pressing the "we got to trade ________" or "we need _________". Or, "here's this hot rumor about this guy, who will cost us a ton." "Its a can't miss deal, I have inside info." Yeah, hold your breath and count to 10, because it ain't happening kiddies. At least not quite yet.

The Isles have made statement after statement on who they were sticking with and developing this season. Satan, on a contract year, is going nowhere. Neither is Hunter. Guerin, Feds, and Comrie are definitely not going anywhere. Sillinger...nope. Hilbert? No real value unless you want posts to ring in other places. Park? Nada. Simon. Nyet. So who is being moved to make this vaunted rumors happen. Oh, thats right NOBODY. It isn't happening UNLESS a team wants Comeau, Tambellini, or draft picks to move someone. And that is not going to bring a star.

So, what are the Isles real needs? This question needs to be asked before anyone sucks down a rumor or conjecture wholesale. Well, in needs we can fathom that the Isles wouldn't mind a dman upgrade. Like the failed Jovacop grab that probably would have cost the team Hunter and draftpicks over the summer. Jovacop failed to waive his NTC, thus nixing the deal. This story has made new rounds thanks to the NY Post, who evidently failed to read Greg Logan's blog in Newsday, who actually wrote about it when it happened. But it wouldn't be the first time the Post was slow to report something. Even if months ago. And now, with Sutton brought in free agency instead, and finally beginning to find his groove, the Jovacop fixation is probably long gone.

Another need might be on the first line. Hunter has done well, but is he really a first liner? Or would Nolan and Co really prefer someone dynamic to work with Feds and Comrie, allowing Guerin and Hunter to make a truly dangerous third line with Sillinger? That vision might have some legs. But at what cost? Sure Okposo has value. Some others at Bridgeport might also have some, as well. But can it really pry a fast and furious forward to make that 1st line, and subsequently 3rd line, click? Well, that might actually be a real desire for the Isles. But those kind of deals might take a while to make happen.

The only way ANY deal happens, besides the 1st line conjecture, is to offset one extra dman. Marc-Andre Bergeron is the likely suspect in this regard. And a very sad statement to his struggles this season. Here's a guy who did everything wrong in Edmonton, then came to Long Island and did everything right. Then, the wheels fell off again for him, and he's regressed. The reason might be simpler than you think. He's simply not meshing and growing with the new assistants who are trying to create a more defensively responsible scheme, and either he's going to need time or simply will fail to fit the new mold.

I do not think MAB's a definite goner. But with Meyer reacquired from waivers, when Aaron Johnson returns, and IF Martinek and Berard are both healthy, something will have to be done.

But, as to the panic monkeys and fans so concerned after two losses. Calm down. At least til tonights game against Boston. And even then, a slide and downtrend happens. It doesn't mean everything should be reacted to. Teams lose. Good teams, less often.

A calm, cool, collected and absolutely sick of Turkey . . .

- BD
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