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Why This Latest Pulp Fiction Making the Rounds Will Likely Not Be Happening

GM Garth and former GM, JFJ

Reports are flying around that Cliff Fletcher, the new GM for Toronto and our Garth Snow were discussing McCabe. Let's look a bit more into that and debunk the rumormill which has heated up due to it.

Bryan McCabe being traded along with a 3rd rounder in 1998 to the Vancouver for Trevor Linden is one of the Isles trades that still shears the soul. The kid was physical, had lots of potential, and was just tapping into his abilities on the powerplay. But it wasn't till he got to TO by way of Chicago that he blew up. He scored over 40 at first, then over 50 after. Then one glorious season, a dazzling 68 points. Then last season, 57. This season, as the wheels fell off the TO bus, 13 pts in 32 games.

In Toronto, he has been tarred and feathered, by a passionate and overwrought fanbase who watched their GM saddle him and them with a terrible contract that left TO almost asphyxiated since where their dmen with with McCabe, Kaberle and Kubina eat up most of their cap. An unbelievable blunder than has riled fans to give McCabe far less leash to their ire as team fortunes plummeted after Quinn was forced out and the backroom politicking in ownership's bureaucracy reached a crescendo of embarrassment as JFJ, a man who was never the right fit for the job...or minefield...had to sit there as TO looked all over for a replacement publicly.

So like the Wolf in Pulp Fiction, Cliff Fletcher was called in to clean up some bodies by some bungling hitmen. JFJ made a mess. Garth has his own issues with the Isles this season. Except, Garth Snow isn't going to be a waystation for bloated contracts. Especially when Cliff and Toronto are more likely to buy them out over the summer.

Why take a 6 million, 4 million and 4 million man when they can sign him cheaper or other dmen cheaper over the summer?

Cliff is checking out all his avenues. But be assured, unless some key prospect changes hands along with it, McCabe is NOT coming to LI this season.

Yes, they talked. But talk doesn't always lead to action. GMs talk all the time.

Don't need a magic 8 ball to predict this one. Not happening.
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February 20, 2008 11:41 AM ET | Delete
Yeah, I don't see why anyone would take that huge contract off of the Leafs hands. Unless maybe they were giving one up in return... I don't think it'll happen either... but NYI almost seems like the only place it might make sense.
February 20, 2008 1:39 PM ET | Delete
[quote]Why take a 6 million, 4 million and 4 million man when they can sign him cheaper or other dmen cheaper over the summer?[/quote]I'll ask again...like who? Which other dmen?
February 20, 2008 2:14 PM ET | Delete
Leafs should keep McCabe, he's been steady since his return, making smart plays.. Even if he's not a 60-point Dman, he's a leader, and will be a top 4 guy for years to come.
February 20, 2008 4:07 PM ET | Delete
February 20, 2008 10:14 PM ET | Delete
Just a FYI, for those confused. My Blog Box blog is attached to the MyHockeybuzz blog. As to the fellow who seemed confused on why I post in both...that is why. However, I think just deleted your post by accident. Oops. More to another point...if there are no takers for McCabe, which I am hearing only LI is a place he'd waive his NTC, then it is more likely he'd be bought out, thus going to LI FARRRRRRR cheaper than over 14 mil for 3 years. And that is enough to stave off Garth's interest unless something enticing comes back to sweeten the deal.
February 21, 2008 9:56 AM ET | Delete
If you look at the landscape the price for a defensemen is only going up. Campbell is asking for 6-7 million per season and if Boyle hits the open market, he could be asking the same. I agree its too much and the McCabe and Kubina deals were terrible, but they are looking better each day.
February 21, 2008 10:16 AM ET | Delete
You're off your rocker. They won't buy out McCabe, that's ridiculous, and even more ridiculous is the notion that another NHL GM would count on that happening.Still waiting for which impact d-men the Isles are going to sign for cheaper. Cross off Boyle and Campbell from your lists, because there's no way either will get less than 6.
February 21, 2008 10:41 AM ET | Delete
What other defensemen are on the horizon that is going to provide the offensive punch that McCabe brings? When he plays at his best, he's very effective and is a solid veteran leader for the younger guys. If the Islanders don't want him, we'll gladly keep him and you can continue to spiral towards mediocrity while the Leafs re-build for a better future. Do you think it's that far fetched coming from a team that handed out a 15 year contract and had to buy-out Yashin's contract? Heh, you're blind if you think it couldn't happen.
February 21, 2008 11:43 AM ET | Delete
Sick movie!
February 22, 2008 2:17 PM ET | Delete
come on man, leafs players still have value... you're kidding yourself if you are equating McCabe and Kubina with Vladimir Malakhov in NJ... needing a 1st rounded to move the contract.
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