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9/20/07 Philadelphia Flyers training Camp Report



10 am scheduled. Jim Dowd first one on the ice came out @ 10:14 everyone started filtering out around 10:18 or so. Niitty and Cote were the 2nd and 3rd players on the ice.

Cote is sporting a pretty banged up black eye.

The crowd was pretty sparse. Not deserted but compared with what I had seen Sunday not hardly anyone.

New Baby Blue Practice Jersey!!! Very nice I liked that look too.

I recognize almost everyone today with the reduced roster.

Knuble was also sporting a black eye.

As the players were skating around and warming up, they took shots at the net and were majority high and wide.

The atmosphere on the ice seemed loose and playful.

Ok the meat of today.

Red Jersey
Upshall, Richards, Lupul

Baby Blue Jersey
Umberger, Giroux, Eager

Orange Jersey
Hartnell, Carter, Kapanen

Dark Blue Jersey
Knuble, Briere, Gagne

Downie, Cote, Dowd, Boulerice

D men and Goalies
Kukkonen, Hatcher, Coburn, Smith, Jones, Timonen, Guenin, Picard
Niitty, Boosh, Biron

Murray, Mullen, Lemelin, Stevens, McIlhargey

There were quite a few drills on basics like puck handling while skating and passing while skating.

Lots of drills on breaking out of the zone and different ways to go through that.

Stevens even physically demonstrated how to do the one drill.

Biron and Nitty for the most part were on opposite ends. With Nitty and Boosh switching out.

After an hour they got off and two Zambonis came on and resurfaced. I went and peeked at the Phantoms side and came back.

Lupul had some pretty goals on Boosh.

Goal celebrations seem to be random. Mostly really pretty goals or just odd moments.

D pairings seems to not be consistent and then it seemed to settle to

Smith and Timonen
Hatcher and Coburn
Kukkonen and Jones
Gauthier and Guenin
Picard and Lars

Briere scored on Biron and there were lots of little things going back and forth between them that you could tell was all in fun.

The orange jersey’s show up more of players sweating through their jerseys then the other ones does.

To finish up the official practice there was a massive skating drill lasting 16 minutes.

The red line all put the white stripes on their sock to the back.

The ending stretch was led by Gauthier.

The rookies did pick up all the pucks.

Most of the players got off around 12:50

Then I went outside and waited for Flyers to stop and sign my jersey. My jersey is pretty up to date I just need a couple handfuls of folks to sign.

I want to sincerely thank all the players that took the time to stop/walk by.

That was so awesome of you to do that and it is very much appreciated.

I got Biron, Kukkonen, Coburn, Boucher, and Cote to sign for me. More then that stopped see the pictures.

Ok that is it. Can’t wait to go back tomorrow.
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September 20, 2007 6:02 PM ET | Delete
Hey Nic, will you be going down this Sunday? I was planning to go last Sunday, but it just didn't work out. My daughter was really whiny and i felt bad leaving my wife alone with her all day. but, I am planning on going down this Sunday, no matter what : ) I also just found out that we got tickets to the Flyers/Rangers game next weekend, so i'm pretty excited about that! Can't wait! Hope to see you Sunday.
September 20, 2007 6:11 PM ET | Delete
I am not sure about Sunday although it is a strong possibility.
September 20, 2007 9:08 PM ET | Delete
great blog as always nic. thanks for keeping me updated on what goes on at the skatezone as I sit in class thinking about hockey hahaha. love the pics. i kind of question the yellow jerseys. im waiting for the tickle me pink and violet ones to come out. keep up the analysis and scouting!
September 21, 2007 8:48 AM ET | Delete
Awesome as always!!! Thanks a ton!
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