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1/13/08 Flyers @ Caps

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Thank you to The Flyers Fan Club for Today's road Trip it was rocking!

Thanks to my Dad and everyone who went on the trip that was so much fun.

Thanks to Julie for coming down to say hi.

I left my house @ 7am to pick up my Dad and be at the Flyers Skate Zone by 8:45.
This was a bus trip we arrived at the Verizon center around 11:20 or so. The Flyers fan Club had lunch in the Greene Turtle with the Caps fan club. It was cool to meet everyone. Char from the Caps Fan Club did a great job organizing the meeting.

OK I had never been to the Verizon Center before. I didn't walk all the way around but it seemed pretty cool. I liked our lower level seats. I apologize that the net is in the way in lots of pics but what can you do. I definitely enjoyed seeing a game here and would recommend it to anyone.

The game got started and AO hit Coburn and my Dad leans over and asks me am I sure that guy shouldn't be in a Flyers jersey. I said yup he is the one with the big contract for 13 years. He said oh.

The Flyers had a kinda slow start in the first for about 5 min then it just got kicked in.

Other then the Fan Club group which half sat lower level and half sat upper. There was just a ton of other Flyers fans. I would say about 25% of the arena was Flyers fans.

At the first intermission there was a funny video on the screen where the Caps all got asked who was the "ladies man" of the team. The team for the most part answered Brooks Laich. Brooks said no one was really avail to be a ladies man. AO of course had the best answer. "HI Ladies I 'm here"

The 2nd period started and the Flyers looked like no nap would ocur today. Jason Smith fought and was gone for 17 Min! I got video see the link above.

Smith's presence on the Blue line was sorely mossed as the Caps got back into the game.

2nd intermission Theresa who I was sitting with Ran into Lasse Kukkonen and Rory Fitzpatrick in the concourse area. She had run into Coatsey during the 1st intermission.

The third period was tough. Then the Flyers got some goals to give a nice cushion. The caps seemed to still have too much pressure and were working hard to try to make something happen but the Flyers got it done where it counted.

We took a group photo and then got the bus back. It was a very long and fun day.
I got souvenirs to boot. With Our tix we got Caps hats and being one of the first however many into the game I got a caps scarf.

ok good night. Next report Sunday 1/20 vs Sens
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