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12/18/07 Yotes @ Flyers

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OK My report needed time for reflection. I have lately found it hard to be in the Christmas spirit and I decided it ties back to watching my favorite team not play well. They have these flashes of absolute brilliance. Then it looks like something from a horror movie.

Taking periods off is not an option. I felt that the team lost their sharpness. I saw things that I catch myself doing in games in the Flyers last night. I watched my favorite line have all 3 players stop and watch the puck. I saw 2 D men do the same thing. It seems to be a very mental thing the loses I am watching right now. I am not sure what causes these breakdowns. I know I get them too in games. Then something will flip that switch in me and there is no coming back out of game state. A good hit, a great block just something that turns my internal little running voice off and lets my hockey instincts take completely over.

I have read lots of Flyers forums today questioning just about every player on the team and their performance. I have seen posts about the coaching and leadership.

The one point I have not seen is to question the mental preparedness of the team. That responsibility is on each player to get themselves mentally ready to play the game. They need to find their Zone. For me getting into my mindset for hockey is all about the tunes. I am not sure what the Flyers need to get them focused and performing on all cylinders but I hope that they get it all together soon.

I will have a report from the Flyers game again on Saturday I can only hope that it will be the hard nosed, take no prisoners team on the ice.
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