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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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There is always a lot of talk about how poor the marketing seems to be for the NHL. I wanted to talk about some of the brighter spots I have seen as of late. Most of what I will talk about is related to the Flyers since that is the team I see the most material on but I feel that things like this are happening around the league and in some cases are just being missed.
I give lots of credit to people’s ideas being implemented to help increase interest in the teams.

Cool things, like the billboard contest for the Stars are great. Gets the fans involved and you see the results of the campaign.
Take a look here

The Flyers have done their own version of MTV Cribs for the players
Scottie Upshall

Joffrey Lupul

Plus of Course the FlyersBuzz TV Episodes that we have seen


The Calgary Flames have FlamesTV on Sportsnet


The Minnesota Wild took their Moms on a road trip


I think that the teams are looking are producing more content to keep fans involved and give them a little behind the scenes look is awesome. This is what may just hook a casual fan into seeing the way NHL players are on a day to day basis. These guys have great personalities and interests just like we do. They are some of the most down to earth folks I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I think lots of these pieces are bringing that through. Taking the moms on the road trip, what pro sports team have you hear of doing that taking each players mom with them, during the season. I think that is great and a testament to the organization and the parents. That hockey is a family sport. The families are very involved. This helps the image of the NHL.

The downside to all of this is that the NHL does not seem to capitalize on these opportunities. The pieces don’t seem to get circulated and seen league wide. They could be picked up by the larger media and run with and this doesn’t seem to happen.

To all of that I say if you have a great thing happening for your team, tell someone! Tell anyone. Especially tell me I like seeing these things no matter what team had the production.
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November 30, 2007 10:21 PM ET | Delete
Nice job Nic. I agree wholeheartedly that bringing the "stars" down to earth so that the everyman can relate is of prime importance. The parents being brought back full circle to come with the team is a great idea, since it was they who brought their future NHLers to 5 am practices from three hours away. The better job the NHL can do to remove the shroud of mystery that surrounds professional sports and show the players as interesting, somewhat normal guys with fantastic stories of hard work, grit and sacrifice will serve the league well. Great Job Nic !!!!!!!!!!!! SYF
December 1, 2007 3:24 PM ET | Delete
Great job lady well written and great researched. You did well keep up the good work. I still think the NHL could do more for the marketing they need to do more.Flamestr
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