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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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First I want to thank the Flyers organization for hosting the event tonight. It was awesome. The opportunity to get to meet the whole team and get things autographed is a huge thank you and it is much appreciated.

Thanks to all the folks I hung out with Tonight Erica, Brooke, Karen, HF, Sharon, Theresa and Krysten. Props out to my "Hell if I know" teammate Nads who was in front of us in several lines.

Thank you to the Flyers players. I am very sorry I didn't have a special picture for everyone to sign. I took me a while to even select the pics I did have you guys sign.

Tonight was above all and adventure. It was really well set up to drive to the Wachovia center in the snow. Snow was sticking to everything.

I got there early because I was meeting Erica there was already a ton of cars. I am not sure where all those folks were but lots of cars.

Erica got there and we went in. The pass we had got us in through a shorter line.

We got out map for the night and decided to start upstairs with Mike Richards since we both had things for him to sign. We were probably 15th in line to see Richards. his comment about my pic was "I was a happy camper that night, whenever that was"
Mike I will send you a copy and for the record that was taken pre game skate on 12/22.

Then it was off to see Timonen and Hatcher. Honestly I felt bad having guys sign the poster and not having a special pic Hatcher and Timonen were definitely having a good time and enjoying each others company. I heard this again from people that went through later.

Then we went to the Goalies. Marty was chatting away to Nitty to the fans I am not sure how many conversations Marty was working.

Then on to Carter and Cote who were also having a grand time. They seemed to be having on going dialogue. Sorry Jeff no special pic for you maybe at the carnival.

Last but not least upshall and Jones. Both of these guys signed the poster no pics for them.

Then we went downstairs I desperately wanted my Jersey to be completed tonight. I only needed Vandermeer and Downie. In line for Vandermeer and Hartnell I ran into my teammate Nads and we talked to him while waiting in line.
I think I might have been a little too bossy with my instructions I am sorry Jim Vandermeer. Thank you so much for signing.

Then to Sami Kapanen and Lasse Kukkonen their line was pretty substantial Erica had Richards sign a pic where Sami and Richards celebrated a goal and Erica is in the background in the front row of the stands. It is pretty cool. Sami and Lasse thought it was too.

Then to our last stop of the night Coburn, Downie and Knuble. Here we met up with Brooke she went through with us. I gave her the pic I was going to use that was Briere, Knuble and Umberger that I took on Sunday in DC. http://www.flickr.com/pho...in/set-72157603706311538/

Knuble signed the pic from last years carnival. They were fun.
Downie was instructed to not sign over anyone and that he was the last person I needed to fill the jersey.
Knuble showed off his black eye pic to Downie before signing it. Knuble to downie "see what they made me do with my black eye" I jumped in but Theresa brought you flowers " Knuble "oh yeah and I gave them to Jeff" me "yup" (this conversation later earned a high five from Theresa)

It was good. The players were awesome and very personable.

Things I missed that I was told about later. Richards was apparently fascinated by the big screen and was often watching it. Timonen and Hatcher were constantly laughing.
Tolpeko answered Coatsey's interview in Russian.

That is all for tonight folks next report will be Sunday night Flyers vs Sens.
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January 18, 2008 2:18 AM ET | Delete
Great stuff, Nic. Sounds like a fun night. Wish I could have made the trip up, but fortunately my interview seemed to go pretty well, so it was a good trade off.
January 18, 2008 7:49 AM ET | Delete
It was fun. Glad your interviews went well.
January 18, 2008 8:17 AM ET | Delete
I passed you quite a few times last night! I was wearing my "theres no crying in hockey" tshirt with the picture of the baby crosby crying, and had quite a few comments from the players on the shirt. What a great time!
January 18, 2008 8:33 AM ET | Delete
Great job, love your updates. Keep it up.
January 18, 2008 11:16 AM ET | Delete
Hey Nic, Glad you had more success than my mother in law and sister in law. I don't know if they got there late or what, but they said the lines were so long that the only autographs they got were Hatcher/Timonen and Upshall/Jones. They were very disappointed to say the least. My wife an I went last year and we got almost the whole team, so I'm not sure if they changed it or what. Glad you had a good time though! Thanks for the update!!
January 18, 2008 4:00 PM ET | Delete
Im so jealous, that looks so awesome. I wished I lived remotely close to philly...
January 18, 2008 4:09 PM ET | Delete
It's nice to have a little reprieve from the ice. I just hope it doesn't become a distraction. Big games coming up against division rivals.
January 18, 2008 9:53 PM ET | Delete
Hey Rick maybe we just hit the lines at the right times. We ran upstairs to get it done first and then went downstairs where the lines were huge. Glad to give you guys an off ice action report. Next one is the Carnival.
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