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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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I know this is late boys and girls but better late then never. I had my own hockey tonight which delayed me posting this....







Typical pregame skate. Light on people the mood seemed pretty light today too.

biggest thing No red cross on Gagne.

Tolpeko, Kukkonen, Cote, Fitzpatrick, Potulny, Richards, Hartnell, Coburn, Timonen, Eager, umberger, Gagne, Dowd, Biron and Nitty

Dowd, Cote, Nitty and Gagne were after practice 3 on 3 with the coaches.

Light drills including some fun with Tipping practice. Timonen was shooting and had Tolpeko, Richards, Hartnell trying to tip in. Was pretty good to watch see the 2nd video.

Then I peeked at Phantoms Practice. I only know who a few are so I apologize for thos titles not being as updated as the Flyers ones.

Then Iwent and waited. I still need 3 signatures. Jones came out before I came out apparent his family was watching in the stands today and they needed to follow Randy home.

Kukkonen also stopped to pick up what looked like his Dad.

Then Dowd stopped.

Next this Black BMW comes out. Window comes down Marty Biron. Marty says just taking the car for a little ride going to move it. It is not Marty's car but Scott Hartnell.
Then Stevens stopped. I had to go after that and I don't think there were many left.
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