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First Thank you to Theresa for taking me with you today. I enjoyed hanging out. I look forward to meeting up Thursday night.

2nd Hi Brooke, Karen, Sandy, TFF, HF, Flywing15 aka Sharon, Rosanne, Joanne
Joanne was in the pic for todays game. Brooke, Theresa, Joanne and Rosanne were all featured stuffing bags for the Flyers wives carnival today on the Jumbotron (HF give me the correct name and I will call it properly).

Ok got to the game parked in front of Brooke and Karen. Right by the players "driveway".

Went in and due to it being an afternoon game there was alot of people already in the regular spot across from the tunnel so back to my favorite behind the penalty box.

I got some good pics of warmups. Briere and Drury chatted while stretching. Did not seem like Biron had a chat partner today.

I hoped that Cote and Orr's brief nearness would result in something but nada.

Quick stop at the Flyers fan club table. I sign up for the end of march overnight bus trip. Two road game reports coming folks.

We went to our seats. On the way there I got my Flyers pictorial yearbook. They did a really, really good job with the book this year. Thumbs up on the suits boys you look good.

Flyers seemed to come out really strong. Then Rangers score a goal.

It was like all the sir got let out of the building. Flyers seemed to still battle hard.

intermission nothing exciting

2nd period Theresa and I observe that we are in the nap time portion of todays game.
I wanted Stevens to call a time out and rattle some cages. Wake them up.
The players managed to do that themselves. We had some very intense discussions that lead to agressive negotitations. See the video for the fight. Sorry I had to stand up to not loose the shot and I am not so smooth at that action.
then more gatherings and shoving. I put my camera away with 40 seconds left. I tell theresa if there is a fight here I don't care I am not getting it. THanks Richie for proving me right.

Third period things I notice are that Vandermeer has way to much ice time.
I later learn that Coburn was rushed to the hospital for a lower body injury. I have no other details on Coburn I hope that he is ok and gets well soon.
The PP looks ok on the first unit and just aweful for any other combination.
Jeff Carter had a really rough game. Like his timing was off or something. He was really taking it hard in the 3rd with kicking the door to the bench and several demonstrations of his supreme frustration.

The urgency did not seem to be there the whole game.

Flyers loose 2-0.

Walking out we saw this
Autographed Forsberg jersey for sale in the Flyer shop that generally sells the old practice jerseys.

so then I go outside and hang out with Brooke, Karne, Rosanne, and Sandy.

Who pulls up but our favorite Riley Cote. Then the next one that pulls up is Scottie Upshall. We talked to him for a while see the pics.

Steve Downie and Randy Jones also stopped. Everyone else was airport bound.

Ok that is all I have for tonight. I go again Thursday. Thanks for reading.

GO Flyers!
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February 10, 2008 8:13 AM ET | Delete
Just out of curiosity Nic, what was Downie driving? And Upshall?
February 10, 2008 9:11 AM ET | Delete
Downie drives a small pickup. It has the canadian flag across the back window I want to say it is a ford Ranger but not quite sure. Upshall drives a BMW sports car I am usually better with makes and models but not sure on his. Only a coupe (2 doors)
February 10, 2008 1:15 PM ET | Delete
I kinda had a feeling Downie wouldn't be driving anything fancy. I'm also not surprised by Uppie in the Beemer. Thanks Nic!
February 10, 2008 9:13 PM ET | Delete
no problem
February 10, 2008 11:34 PM ET | Delete
Doesn't Gagne drive a lamourghini or something gnarly like that?
February 11, 2008 7:40 AM ET | Delete
Gagne has a couple vehicles he has a black escalade and the Lamborgini. You see the Escalade way more then the Lamborgini
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