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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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Thank you Bob, Joe and HF absolutely wonderful time.


I actually made it to the game on time no warm-up pics but I heard the whole anthem from my seat.

Flyers looked absolutely terrible from the first bit. Then the glass broke It looked like the way the glass broke in front of me a warmups last year c/o Kyle Calder see pics here

I wore my vote for Mike Richards shirt got razzed a bit after his turnover.

The 2nd period was a little better after the Flyers scored and the third period the pressure at the end was absolutely fabulous I wish they had played that way the whole game.

Funny thing during the game the groups listed as being at the game one was Stormtroopers (love Star Wars)

After the game we had planned to go to the Pavillion to hang out and let some of the traffic go and there starts to be some type of set up on the ice with photographers and a rug. Then you could see people with jerseys in the tunnel.

Then out comes the Flyers' Dads. They had announced earlier in the game that some of the Dads were in attendance this looked like everyones Dad was there.
All the players and the Dads came out on the ice and took a huge group picture then they broke off in little groups talking.

I felt really horrible for the players at that point I know when my Dad comes to my games that I play as hard out as I can. He doesn't come that much so I want him to see all the good things I can do I would think that the Flyers would be the same way. To loose like that in front of your Dad and then have to explain yourself, yeah that is rough. Way worse then the coach or your captain.

It was a tough loss but I can't say that the effort was completely there at least from my view in the 2nd level. Hopefully Carolina on Wednesday will be better.
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November 28, 2007 3:50 PM ET | Delete
Yes had a good time...flyboyz played one of the worst games I had seen in person. It happens and it's in the past. The late night Eagles game party did show during the game. :)They should put it to carolina on tonight. Gotta get Marty back in net
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