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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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Hi everyone sorry this is so late. I was with friends who have people visiting from Finland and I felt it more important to be social.

I got to the game last night early. I wanted to say hi to all my friend going into the Phantoms. I did not go to the Phantoms cause I wanted to be in for warmups for the Flyers and havea good spot for my pic.

Allison (webmaster for votemikerichards08) came down and showed off to me her sign for the night.

I picked a different spot right across from the tunnel. I got to see a bunch of players take off for some pre game dynamic warmups ie running or soccer. I didn't see them come back but I saw them all go out the door and then to their left my right.

I saw Coatsey do a pregame live segment from the premium seats that are where the goal judge used to sit. He was yelling to a guy in the press box. See the pics.

Then Warmups came about. I really thought that a couple players might toss a puck over to me. I try to never request pucks cause I would rather see them go to little kids. I remember when I would get a puck from warmups as a kid and how awesome it was so I was glad no one tossed to me.

After warmups I went to my seats. I ran into a ton of people last night plus I was getting txt updates from the Phantoms game (THANK YOU ERICA)

Got to my seat in time to see a new video which I grabbed and is in my video link.
It was very cool. Especially what they do with the ribbon boards and things.

The game got Started my Friend Rad arrived and away the Flyers went.

The Wachovia Center was deathly quiet. Nothing really had happened yet but just no real noise.

THen SCORE! You could just see Coburn's goal going in as soon as he shot it. My seats are right on the goal line in the 2nd level.

Cote fights not that much later I also grabbed video on that.

My thought this is going to be a GREAT NIGHT!

the crowd randomly boos the people that are hardcore sens fans dressed like roman soliders.

Then Scott Hartnell scores I was so happy he got another goal tonight.

Intermission saw lots of people 11th street beer stand.

2nd period changed seats so that I had a different friend sitting with me and Rad went to sit with those folks.

Admittedly I talked alot during this period and was not as attentive as I could have been.

Things that I noticed in the period Scottie Upshall containing his extreme supply of energy paid off in the form of a goal.

Briere's line looked really good in our end.

Third period

Finally the crowd seems lively. I guess dancing Shawny was the difference.

Sami Kapanen kept the scoring going with a shortie.

Finishing out the night a Power play goal from upshall.

I think I only really yelled once about someone not covering their man in the third. The flyers were really on task.

For whatever reason a big portion of crowd left with 5 min to go.

The three stars were Cote, Upshall and Gagne being the #1 star. The slide with all the names was not up long enough for me to get a pic.

So Practice today was cancelled


I volunteered to take the visiting Finns with me to practice. I made great time and we got there early.

On the way inI look at an SUV in front of us and I said to them I think that is Mike Richards. I got up an on his bumper to try and see the reflection in review mirror I couldn't quite tell but I was pretty sure based on the tow hitch. 2 lights later I pull up next to him and look over. It was Richards. I wave hello and make my turn towards Flyers practice he was not going that way. So I say to them I have a feeling there is not going to be practice.

We get there and a few minutes later Zack Hill puts up a sign practice is cancelled.

We waited for a little bit to see if anyone would stop. There was just a ton of people there today and it was really cold so we decided to not stay.

Check out the sign they made for Niitty.

That is all for today Folks til Thursday night my next report.
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January 21, 2008 7:43 PM ET | Delete
I got stuck in traffic and was late for the start of the game. I was sitting in the section next to the Dancing guy. We had an obviously fun evening, but today I found out my Richards jersey will not arrived for two weeks, because they screwed it up.
January 21, 2008 10:30 PM ET | Delete
that sucks. I can't decide if I am getting a jersey or not. at this point summer before I get one.
January 22, 2008 8:33 AM ET | Delete
Coatesy used that piece from the Premium Seats for his Coatesy's Corner. He was talking about the history of the goal judge. He yelled to the booth to get them to hit the red light.
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