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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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Shout out to everyone:
Thank you Candy for coming to the game
HI Dek and David so funny you guys were behind us. What are the odds?
Brooke and Karen that was so fun
Theresa and Her brother a pleasure as always awesome you got the Upshall puck
Kristin good observations and thanks for looking
Julie thanks for coming down
Rosanne, Joyce and Steve that was fun hanging out.

Ok and Hello to everyone else

Thank you RILEY COTE for stopping! He signed my new Riley shirt

Ok I left really early to try and get the last autograph I now need to complete my jersey. I just need Vinny Prospal and we will really be done again. Traffic was not in my favor I didn't make it.

I got in and stopped at the fan club table to get my name in for who would score the first goal of the night and then went to get my warmups seat to show off my Riley Cote shirt to Riley.

I was soon joined by Steve, Joyce and Rosanne. We had some great conversation and watched Bernie Parent and Steve Coates come out and have pics take on the ice


Also a Tampa player came out to sit on the bench (sorry dude I am not sure who you are)

Brooke and Karen came along to show me close up Brooke's sign for Alex Picard.
Brooke and Karen said several players on Tampa Acknowledged the sign and she got an especially big smile from Alex Picard.

Then Warmups got started. I felt that I was not very sure about the pictures I wanted to take. The goal for so many weeks has been Mike Richards and his many facial expressions I didn't know where to start. I decided I need more pics of the newer folks so here are


Then I went down to the Tampa end to take pics of Alex for Brooke

Warmups over I headed up to my seat. I met Candy up there and who do you know comes walking up the steps to our section. My cousin and his best friend.


Tampa scores really quickly. I don't think I was even fully settled. The building is kinda empty and the crowd seemed less then into the game.

Riley Cote decided to change that

The crowd was much more lively after round 1.

My rowdy section as always gets into Let's go Flyers chants. Everyone seems to be happy to continue.

Then Briere and Carter score. Ending the first period with a lead. Good feelings going into intermission.

2nd period both teams seemed pretty equal. Fights again to start the 2nd Round 2.

Tampa tying it about half way through the period I heard alot of groans around me. Shots on goal were pretty even through this period.

Third period both teams seemed very careful to try and not make mistakes. Flyers had some really good chances on the PP in this period.
Carter finally takes advantage of some offensive pressure and with 2 min left scores the Game Winning goal.
I was so relieved. I was pretty much holding my breathe in the final seconds to hope that it held up.

Three star selections for the game were done by Brian Propp

Then off to outside. Most time outside post game is as entertaining as the game.
We had a new security person tonight we listened to how he got hit by a soccer ball when the players were warming up during pregame and several other stories none of which the crowd like.
Brooke held her sign again for the tampa bus

Ed Snider was the first Flyers Org person to stop.

Followed by Braydon Coburn

Then Riley stopped. He got a really loud cheer from the crowd. Riley was pretty banged up his face looked puffy and he had a bandage on his hand. Riley was awesome enough to sign my new Rockin Riles shirt and pose for a pic
The crowd was louder as Riley pulled away cheering for him.

Prospal drove out shortly after didn't stop. Oh well it was a good night Flyers got a win.

next game report will not be until March 21st. I might go to practice not sure when though.
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