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1/24/08 Pens @ Flyers

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Thank you to my hockey team"hell if I know", HF, Rad, The Finns, Theresa, Brooke, Kristin, Sharon's Husband and Dad and anyone else who came to say hello. It is so awesome to see so many people.

I got to the game with great time. I parked over by the 11th street gate where the players come in and out. There was a group of teens waving to players as they came in. You should have seen the reception they gave Derian Hatcher (this is the only one I witnessed).

To start the game before the video with the red door song which you can watch here
There was a challenge to the team to win again. see the video up top.

All the first shots seemed like they could go in but no dice then SCORE! RJ UMBERGER scores a goal. Pens came right back. I felt like I was going to watch the game that the Pens played against the Caps where the scoring just went back and forth.
Mike Richards looked like he was having his worse period EVER.

intermission switched who I was sitting with so had more conversation.

2nd period seemed like the Flyers took a nap. Then SCORE Randy Jones. I thought it was a good heads up play to pass to randy rather then shoot. Flyers loooked very alive after the goal like We are still in this lets go.
Then the Pens scored again.

Laraque then creams Downie. I got video of the aftermath. Even Biron came out of his crease to add his 2 cents in the chaos.

I thought John Stevens made a poor decision to put Cote on the ice with 2 seconds left on the clock. Laraque wasn't on the ice there was no need to put Cote out there.

Intermission switched where I was sitting this time to sit with friends pics from the third are in a different section.

Third period Flyers are on a 5 min power play from the hit on Steve Downie. It looked for the first half of it that nothing was going to happen. No real good set up. Then a change in the normal PP personnel and wham SCORE! Jim Vandermeer scores on the PP.

Flyers are really back in this game and buzzing like crazy. Then the Pens come down and on a weird play where Staal knock the net off puck goes in. Ref rules it a goal. It gets reviewed. It is ruled a goal. The jumbotron is showing the overhead view of the net where you can clearly see the net was off over and over. I truly thought the crowd was going to riot at this point.

Flyers come back from this adversity and SCORE again this time Mike Knuble.

Then here comes Steve Downie. Steve rocked it in his fight. I wasn't quite as quick but did catch the end on video. Steve gets tossed for not having his jersey tied down.

Some penalties to end the game but The Flyers win.

The whole team seemed to be about defending their own tonight which to me showed just how close and gelled this team is right now.

I got pics of the three stars this time. WOOO

OK gang that is all I have til Tuesday when I get to see the Kings vs the Flyers and my favorite Anze Kopitar.
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