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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
taking pictures • United States • 37 Years Old • Female
Yes folks I do still live.

I don't have much time these days to myself much less hockey blogging.

Things I know that are wanted.....

Pix of JVR as a Phantom

Future Flyers to watch

Jonathan Matsumoto

Rob Sirianni

Pat Maroon

Danny Syvret

David LaLiberte

OK as most of the Flyers faithful may know the Phantoms franchise was sold and the team is moving. It is in my opinion that they should not take up a temporary home in Glens Falls, NY until something could be worked out for them to move to the leigh high valley.

First the facts
Glens Falls to Philly is 279 miles and about 5 hours drive per google maps.
There is an airport there but Albany would be the better airport to fly out of to get to Philly as there is no direct flight from Glens Falls to Philly.
Flight time from Albany to Philly is 1 hour. Drive from Glens Falls to Albany 1 hour.
Their current arena needs upgrades to be compliant with the AHL.
The economy in Glens Falls is about as bad as everywhere. The Brooks group is requiring 2,500 season ticket holder pledges.
Glens Falls has sold out several times this year when the Albany River rats made alternate home game appearance in this arena.

To me This sounds like alot of hassle in calling up players. Yes this is a temporary location but It sounds like the Phantoms could be in this location for 2-3 years.
Plus it is travel time for the Flyers organization to watch this team. I think this would be a big negative and could hurt the Flyers organization.

Options that I would love to see pursued instead of keeping with the Phantoms franchise maybe we need to change to another AHL club. All current Phantoms players would transfer to the same roster. I see no benefit to splitting these players up among various teams.

Where I would like to see them go

Springfield, Mass

Springfield to Philadelphia is 236 miles about 4 hours drive.
Direct flights from hartford/Springfield airport are an hour.
Springfield's agreement with the Oilers expires this season.
They have an established fan base.

Hershey, PA

If this were possible it would be the best. The existing Phantoms base could still reasonably travel to this location. (I would forsee where ever the Phantoms players landing that this arena will get alot of business from the existing base).

Philadelphia to Hershey is an hour and half drive.

Hershey has the Giant center which is a fairly new arena with a very solid fan base.

I completely understand the need to grow hockey. I also understand that Glens Falls was host to the Adirondack Red Wings and has been known to support a team. I just feel that in this current economy that starting from scratch is impractical. Especially when the building needs upgrades to make it compliant plus there is no luxury seating to generate extra income.
It is too bad that something could not have been worked out to keep the Phantoms here now (ie Trenton or some other close location). I think that The Flyers organization was that much better for having them here and working right next door to the Flyers.
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nice to hear from you, nic. :)
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Thanks for the pics, glad to know you're still posting. - SZ
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nah naaaahh naaaaah naaaaaaah......nah naaaahh naaaaah naaaaaaah......hey.......heeyyyy......heeeeeeeeeeyyy........Goooooood BYEEEEEE..........
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I was a proponent of moving them to Wilmington long term. A stadium on the water front next to the Blue Rocks would benefit both the immediate local economy but the Flyers as well. They could relocate temporarily to where the Chesapeake team played in Maryland.
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