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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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My Pics


Erica's pics


First THANK YOU! To all the players and their wives. This was a great event. Your time is a valuable thing and it was appreciated that you did this today.

Second shout out to all the peeps.
Brooke and Karen for putting up with me all day.
HF for texts.
Erica for swapping stories and texts. I am thanking you by sharing your pics can't wait for the Phantoms game Friday.
Davies and Hubby awesome to see you guys again.
Mr and Mrs 23 sorry I didn't get to meet up with you guys.
Sandy and the kids ironic we all met at Jeff Carter.
Sharon and family nice to see you guys.
KB where in world have you been hiding?
Theresa and Caroline glad you got to see all that you wanted.
Rosanne I loved the pic I saw!
If I forgot anyone I am so sorry.

I got to the Carnival around 11:45 I forgot something and had to go back but at least I wasn't too far when I remembered.

Waiting to get in we got Carnival Maps. I am not sure what I did with Mine I think Brooke and Karen might still have it so I apologize for not scanning it in.

The map helped us plan our first visit. I decided since most things were on the first level I was going up to Carter to give him his album. Up we went. No line. Said hi to Darrol Powe who was with him.

Then since I was upstairs we went to my first pic of the day with Marty Biron.
I gave him an album and a little thing of Candy.

Then it was off to see who we could see and give away the albums I made.
Which we stopped to Talk to Phantom Nate Guenin on the way.

He signed this pic

The girls wanted to see Ryan Parent and Alex Picard. I was going to get the new guys to sign my jersey. It is once again complete. Patrick Thoresen was really very excited to be here.


Walked around some more Went to the floor and got my mystery bag. I got an Autographed Rory Fitzpatrick photo and Hat and glove set. Talked to Mrs Timonen and gave her the album I made for Kimmo Timonen. She was very awesome!
Then we talked to Mrs Smith and gave her the album I made for Jason Smith. We got instructions to make sure to get a pic of Jason's eye. Which we relayed. Jason obliged us here:

Erica was ahead of us in the line so we took pics of each other.

Back up to the concourse we checked in on the Dance Dance revolution competition and made a stop to get pics with Phantom Marty Grenier

I went up to the 2nd level to visit with HF for a bit then it was onto pics with Scott Hartnell.

From there went to stand in line for Mike Knuble. Brooke was getting her pic with him.

While we were in line I noticed Kukkonen had no line and no takers. I jumped out of the Knuble line and went and got my pic with Lasse.
I promptly texted everyone to go to Lasse cause he was available.

Knuble was super busy. He had 2 media interviews while we were in line. I had to split with the girls it was time for me to go and see Mike Richards

While I am waiting for Richards I look down and see Jeff Carter has no Line. I think that is crazy Jeff Carter whose line typically rivals Gagne, no line I gotta jump on that.

While there I give Jeff a hard time make sure he looked at the album I gave him and try to get a good smile for my pic.

I look over Gator Aka Jason Smith has a pic booth. Really? Ok I gotta do that too. Last year I got my pic with Knuble and his black eye. I need to have a black eye pic with Gator.

After that we walked around. I took random pics of Phantoms I found

Brooke found Lauren Hart and took a pic with her.

Then I met up with HF Davies and her Hubby.

Erica found us and I got pics of her very cool Phantoms poster that she took the pics for and designed herself.

This was a great day. All the players and their wives were just completely awesome.

If you have the chance to do this next year absolutely take part. It is fun and it is for a good cause.
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February 24, 2008 10:22 PM ET | Delete
Awesome. I love the pictures.
February 25, 2008 11:06 AM ET | Delete
Great Stuff Nic!!! I'm bummed I didn't get to go this year, looks like it was a good time! Maybe next year I'll take my daughter.
February 25, 2008 3:48 PM ET | Delete
Wifey and I made the rounds on Alumni Row. I *love* talking with those guys, and had great little conversations with Orest Kindrachuk, Ed Hospodar, Bob Kelly, Michel Petit, and, of course, HockeyBuzz' own Bill Clement.
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