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Second Shout out to everyone Karen, Brooke, Sandy and the kids, Erica, HF, Sharon, Theresa, and TFF.

Third a shout out to the nice gentlemen from Canada who stood outside with us die hards post game.

I got there in time for warm ups and we are trying out Kristin's picture spot for a bit seems like nothing new can hurt the loosing streak that the Flyers are in (although I haven't tried buying a jersey yet). Brooke and Karen had a sign for Ryan Parent that seemed to go over pretty well. There were alot of signs last night. This one was the most harsh though


These signs had some merit

Lots of pucks seemed to be aimed at my head (Flyboys are you trying to tell me something really?)

Warm ups seemed good. I would say that I didn't catch as many light hearted moment as I have seen in the past few weeks. The best moment was Carter shooting a puck all the way down the ice into the Montreal end and right into the net. He turns looks right at my little group and shrugs then laughs. Richards and Biron had a little challenge going too.

Head up to our seats. The thing I notice right away is the amount of Habs fans. There was I would say easily 10% of the building in Habs gear.

Our seats happened to be one row behind Sharon so I got to see Sharon and Her daughter, who was attending her first game, we got to visit really shortly.

Flyers looked like they were not going to start slow for a change. Then the Habs got the first goal. It was quickly noted that Kukkonen was playing wing. I was glad he was playing I didn't care if it was D or wing. I thought he did a good job getting shifts on both positions.

Tolpeko getting hurt and Smith standing up for him gave me a feeling that this game may just yet work out. This was the first period though and the Flyers had a long way to go.

Tonight was fan appreciation night. I felt like they were trying to give almost everything away in the first period. The highlight of the night would be the shirts off our backs where the players give their very sweaty game worn jerseys to a fan and autograph it. I have several pics of the boards listing who won the fabulous prizes.

The 2nd period I missed the Flyers goal coming back to my seats. Once we got there I thought I was watching a horror show instead of a hockey game. I watched the Flyers go down 4-2. It was a PK nightmare of a 5 on 3.

The Flyers didn't loose their fight with a late period scrum there would still be hope for the 3rd.

The third got going and kept going. The fans were seriously hot with the calls the refs were making. Chants coming from the Habs fans added fuel to that frustration.

Brooke and I went to the lower level with 5 min left in the third to get a better vantage point for the shirts off our backs ceremony. Flyers pulled Nitty and open net goal just as we got to the lower level.

Then Riley Cote scores his first NHL goal but it was too late for the come back and the Flyers loose 5-3. This is at least the 3rd Fan appreciations night that I have been to that the Flyers have lost. I think I would almost rather have the win then the shirts off their backs if it means getting the team turned around.

Richards seemed to me to be the most disgusted post game. Last year the Flyers were just stunned at the loss. This year I would say that I think they were in disbelief but not half as bad as last year.

Post game outside Randy Jones was the only one to stop before it started to rain. Met some nice gentlemen from Hamilton Ontario of which one was a Flyers fan, one was a leafs fan, and one was a Habs fan. They were really nice. They could not believe that Randy gets out of his truck to sign autographs and pose for pics. The one guy had to walk up to Randy and shake his hand telling him that was awesome. There was a ton of folks waiting outside post game.

Ok that is all for the Flyers today. Tonight's agenda is the Phantoms game. Please check back later for pics and report.

My next Flyers game is Saturday and then the Flyers Wives Fight for lives Carnival on Sunday.
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