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10/30/08 Isles @ Flyers

Shout outs to Erica, Roseann, Karen, Brooke, Jess, Amanda, Matt, Eric, HF, Sandy, Theresa, Debbie, and anyone else playing along with Tim Ramholt got traded for Gratton.

Ok I think everyone knows, I have seen the Flyers play the Isles WAY TOO MANY TIMES!
For a while I think that was to the only team in my game plan.

Erica wanted to go she had a plan for costumes. It involved having alot of people doing the same thing. It didn't work out so costumes scrapped for the night.

I get to the Wachovia center just as Warmups start. Get in go to the end behind the net to watch.

To me the team seemed not as loose as they normally are during warmups. Not sure what may have been the contributing factor here but things just didn't seem on.




First period from my seats the thing that stood out to me how empty the arena was tonight. I didn't take any pictures cause it was really sad to see.

2nd period.

Flyers came out good and went to sleep.


Found the Dad's in the crowd

Third period
this better not go to Overtime.

This better not go to a shootout.

and well it didn't

Since I found the dad's and had gotten pics last year

I decided waiting a few minutes to see if there was going to be an on ice pic was worth my time. I was rewarded.


My Friend Sandy also was rewarded

11/1/08 Flyers practice

I looked at my handy magnet schedule and realized no Flyers game today check the website fabulous practice.....

I checked the Phantoms website their practice starts 30 min sooner then the Flyers bonus.

Arriving at the skatezone there are a ton of Flyers employees there. This is not a a normal thing unless it is Meet the Flyers segment of Training camp. They seem to be getting set up for something.

Go in watch little kids practicing on the Phantoms side and wait for the Phantoms. I stand where I can see straight across to the Flyers rink to know when the Flyers are out and time to move over. Kids run all the way til 10 Zamboni comes out and seems to be going uber slow.

The zamboni barely made the first lap when the Phantoms started coming out and hanging on the bench.

As more came out they skated from the Zamboni door and were quite loose for their game day skate. Lots of small shenanigans. Very fun to watch thus no pictures.

I have the first pic of Josh Gratton returned to Phantoms colors.

Flyers come out earlier then expected time to move over.... *SIGH*

I really wanted to stay on the Phantoms side today since I was not going to Hershey with my friends to see their game tonight. I did not though cause people I was with were requesting my presence on the Flyers side.

I go to the Flyers side and saw my favorite thing.
Mike Richards in the Green Jersey. Ok this is probably more of an inside joke but after I bought the green practice Jersey I almost never saw Mike Richards in it. It has become a thing of Text messages. Friends go to practice and Mike would be wearing the green jersey. I would go white, Blue, orange, Red, black. It got to be big fun last year. Now you are all in on the joke too


On the way to the Flyers side I learned what exactly was going on. Ed Snider youth Hockey Foundation was in the house today and would be taking part in an on ice event with the team.


anyway back to practice.... There was lots of interesting signs....



Flyers seemed loose



They did some different drills including working both 1st and 2nd PP units at the same time.

Then the Youth hockey folks came on the ice and skated with the team. I thought that was great.



Bonus I got Phlex's autograph

Ok that is all I have til 11/8.
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November 1, 2008 9:57 PM ET | Delete
Is Desjardins with the team full time now?
November 1, 2008 10:05 PM ET | Delete
no. I hadn't seen him in some time. It was nice to see him working with the Phantoms
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