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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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Hi Everyone it has been a busy few days. I am doing just one report.

3/19 Fan Club Meeting

3/21 Flyers and Phantoms practice

3/21 Rangers@ Flyers

Here is the link for Erica's profile too she will have the best game pictures as she sat 1st row for the Flyers game.


First THANK YOU ERICA!!!! It was a great couple days I am exhausted and we have more on Sunday.

2nd Shout outs to the Fly ladies and Sandy, Brooke, Karen, Bettina, Rosanne, Rad and Theresa

Awesome to see everyone as always.

Fly ladies I love the magic carpet reference.

3/19 Flyers Fan Club meeting featuring Dave Schultz

Dave was a great guest. 90% of what he said is not repeatable.

Dave is doing alot with the Flyers Alumni and the NHL alumni. He recently got back from doing Alumni games in the United Arab Emerates.

He talked about the NHL alumni doing a wine series you can see more information at

Dave was showing off to us the one bottle he has in his possession.

Dave also told the group some dirty jokes.

Have is appearing Friday and Saturday @ the Turnersville auto complex. Hammer drives a hummer.

The Hammer now likes Nascar and is very interested in attending a race.

3/21 Flyers and Phantoms practice
Erica and I went really early we wanted to see if I could get people to stop on their way in vs post practice. I needed just Prospal to finish the jersey project and well only so much time before the end of the season.

Thank you to Denis Tolpeko, Lasse Kukkonen and Mike Knuble for at least waving to us.

Flyers practice was uber crowded. Flyers came out @ 10:23 it was very clear this was an optional skate. Participants were

Cote, Cobunr, Thoresen, Tolpeko, Hartnell, Lupul, Nitty, Kapanen, Modry, Parent, Biron, Kukkonen, and Downie.

Downie and Tolpeko stayed after practice for 3 on 3 with the coaches. It was really crowded so I didn't go to the other end today. I switched sides and went to Phantoms practice for a bit.

Phantoms side had the new guys all getting things worked on. Rob Bellamy is very impressive in person.



The new Goalie worked with Neil Little on several things as well.


3/21/08 Rangers @ Flyers

My sign for the night

I got some really good pics during warmups. These are my favorites





Months ago I had HF's tix for the night and the guy behind me kept say "follow Richards do what He does"

I think the Flyers suddenly remembered that last night. Mike Richards was flat out all over the place. He was rocking every part of his game in the first two periods he was carrying the team on his back. I credit the Flyers start in both periods completely to him.

I was ecstatic for the goals Briere scored. I couldn't believe the final half of the thired period at all.

Of course the side show of the night was the mini riot in the upper rows of my section. Several Flyers fans and Rangers fans had differences of opinions




Yes folks always a colorful time in my section.

Another side not Karen was giving me text updates from the Phantoms game across the parking lot. Just before the Flyers went into the shoot out I got the results of the Phantoms beating the Wolfpack in a shoot out. I found it very fitting both teams won the same way on the same night.

Flyers pulled it out in a shoot out.

Ok that is all til Sunday. Erica and I have worked hard on Sunday's sign so please look for us.
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March 22, 2008 11:43 AM ET | Delete
Hey Nic, I was at the game too. That might have been the most fun game I've ever been too in my short history of live Flyers games. I loved your sign, I saw it during warm-ups, but didn't realize it was you. I actually pointed it out to my wife because I thought it was funny. The kid that had the "This is my 1st Flyers game", I was sitting 2 rows behind him. Great game though, glad they pulled it out!!!
March 22, 2008 2:04 PM ET | Delete
Yo, Ladynic, was that the blowup in my section, 211, or the one in the end behind the goal?... The game was a real blast, we had a ball and were entertained the entire night... I was also at the PFFC meting; Schultz was a blast... great talk about 'The Code' and other good stuff... Thanks for the photos and blog.
March 22, 2008 9:34 PM ET | Delete
Yup my section too 211. I got all kinds of texts was I inciting a riot. THat is cool you were at the meeting too. Schultz was good.
March 23, 2008 1:57 AM ET | Delete
I thought he was a 'cool dude'... and also said a lot; the talk about his not wanting to use his shoulder to hit, back in the day, and how he'd use a straight arm went a long way into showing one of the major reasons for the great increase in concussions... I knew about the hard surface doing damage, but I didn't think about players not having a worry about their own safty and going out to do damage because of that fact... I also liked his mention of elbows not striking out on their own, as some claim LOL... BTW: I like your camera work, thanks.
March 23, 2008 9:16 AM ET | Delete
Thanks. I forgot to put the part about if the spectrum is torn down Schultz wants the Penalty box.
March 24, 2008 3:10 PM ET | Delete
LOL... best line of the night... and how could they not give it to him? he earned it.
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