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12/22/07 Sabres @ Flyers

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Well I will say That in tonight's game I ran the full gamut of emotions. I was happy I was sad but in the end I was left with heartfelt disbelief and disappointment.

The Flyers were absolutely competitive tonight. I watched a ton of games last year where after going down the team never came back from it. That was not at all the team I saw tonight. The team I saw tonight looked adversity in the face and laughed. Then luck of bounces reared its head and we lost. Back to back Shorthanded goals! Fights and sticking up for teammates. Making the most of many opportunities. I can not complain about the effort for the majority of tonights game. There was a slow start but it didn't last all period and they shook the cobwebs out.

I will say that in my waiting afterwards outside for my last two autographs (Hartnell and Vandermeer, both of which I still need) that You could tell the team was hurting from this loss. My example here is, Mike Richards, was the first player out that dressed tonight. He was out so early that I am not sure he did the post game ride of the bike and showering. He was very aggressive in his merging in with fan traffic to get away from the Wachovia Center. He did not wave or stop for our little group waiting for players. Tonight when I left only one player stopped tonight and that was team Captain Jason Smith.

I couldn't believe how amazing Richards played tonight. All his effort and his team leading 25:36 of ice time gone, wasted.

I felt horrendus for Marty Biron too he made some spectacular saves tonight and his efforts also gone.

I also felt bad for the folks who had the unfortunateness of not being used as much towards the end of the game. That they were not able to help the team.

The team definitely looked improved it is just a matter of when all the cylinders fire to capture that win.

Now the team has several days to stew on this loss and try to celebrate the holidays. I hope that they are able to find some Joy and may everyone everywhere have a Merry Christmas.
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December 23, 2007 10:57 AM ET | Delete
on a side note Per the Delco Times Richards quick exit was to catch a flight home for Christmashttp://www.delcotimes.com/WebApp/appmanager/JRC/Daily?_nfpb=true
December 24, 2007 10:15 AM ET | Delete
Hey Nic,What a frustrating loss! It was just excrutiating watching the refs dictate the outcome of this game. I mean seriously, 3 straight 2 man advantages for the Sabres? That icing at the end of the 3rd was just ridiculous! The Flyers absolutely should have won this game. Sure, they shouldn't have let in that last goal, but it should have never come to that. The clock should have run out before they even got the puck down there to get a decent shot on goal. But alas, once again, it was not to be. It is a bit of a sad Christmas in Flyerland. Let's just hope that they come back from the Christmas break really angry and fired up to make it right. I predict they get a nice little run going and win 7 of the next 10 games! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!
December 24, 2007 4:24 PM ET | Delete
Absolutely very Frustrating. Well I will be there the first game back so I will know live in person. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you as well.
December 25, 2007 5:29 PM ET | Delete
Boo-Hoowhat about the 2 power plays given to the flyers in OT?????yeah, I thought so.
December 26, 2007 10:39 AM ET | Delete
Man, you can't even take christmas off from trolling? That's sad!
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