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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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First THANK YOU ERICA! awesome day!

2nd Thank you Brooke and Karen! Come on that was fun wasn't it?

Shout outs to Brenda, Jessica, KB, Rad, HF, Lou, Alan and Drew!

I knew this would be a long day. Phantoms playoff game 6 starting @ 1pm their last game having gone into 5 OT's . The Flyers playing @ 7pm away in Montreal but a viewing party hosted by the Flyers in Chickie and Pete's in NE Philly.

I ran 2 errands and packed all the stuff I was taking with me. I had a sign for a joke going with Jonathan Matsumoto. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/neat1325/2446036448/ )

I picked up Erica and away we went to the Phantoms game

We made either really good time from Erica's or I was speedy.

Parked in our favorite spots on the 11th street side and went in.

Since our seats for the Phantoms are next to the bench we went to Kristin's favorite spot behind the net. Put up the sign and got ready for the guys to come out for warmup pics

My favorite shots from warmups






Then we moved to our seats the crowd again was sparse. Which to me is sad. These guys are in Game 6 for the first round of their playoffs. IT wasn't competing with anything Flyers related it would be nice if people came out and supported these guys gave them the crowd energy that the Flyers have been getting.

The game started Erica and I divided up who we were focusing on for game shots cause most of our favorites were all out at the same time.

Phantoms were then scoreless after 1.

We went up to the concourse and met up with Brooke and Karen for intermission.

Back to our seats for the 2nd period. 2nd period is good cause it is the only offensive zone period for us to take pics all game usually. Again scoreless through this period. Phantoms were very physical.

Again we all went up to the concourse this time with purpose we were hoping to give Matt Clackson a card for his Birthday. Which we succeeded.

Third period seemed like Coach Berube shortened his bench. I can tell by my choices for whom I am to be taking pictures of during the game. As the minutes go by in the period it was more and more nerve racking since we all knew that they had such a long OT game barely a day and a half earlier.

Another intermission the regulation ends still no score and still tied.

We go back to our seats and we are excited at the opportunity to again take offensive zone pictures. Not long into OT the Albany River rats solved Scottie Munroe. the river rats celebrating on the ice was the loudest thing in the building.

One of the River rats got hurt some how we didn't see how due to it being in our blind spot just inside the blueline by the Albany bench.

Then we went out to wait for the team to depart. We were honored by most of the team stopping for us.

on the way out I took pics of the car that the sixers fans destroyed to beat detroit


off the viewing party for the Flyers playoff game. I had never been to this Chickie an Pete's beofre it was nice. I got my Pic with Former Flyers Kerry Huffman


I asked him if anyone had called him Fill lately he laughed and said not in a long time (Huffman's nickname when he would be up with the Flyers was "Fill In" which was shortened to "Fill"

The party was good. They put the game on with sound so we could not only hear but see the action.

Everyone celebrated when th Flyers would score it was high fives all around.


The Flyers won it was a good day.

Ok until Monday night.
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