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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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Shout outs to
Erica, Sandy, Amanda, #23, Liz, Jessica, Theresa, Donna, Matt, Mike, Jeremy, Roseann, Joyce, Bill, Eric, Joe, Lou, and anyone else I saw and talked to there were so many today.

Special Thanks to Karen and Brooke for my antics during meet the Flyers

Today was very very crowded and it was handled very well. The Flyers staff was ultra prepared and I felt this was probably the smoothest run day yet

Team Snider beat Team barber
First goal was by the line of Giroux. Kalinski and Downie. Those three had some real chemistry.
Briere and Richards combined for 2 goals in the 4 on 4.

While Team Snider won and had good offensive pressure the on ice between the two team was way more even then the score reflects.

Important pictures from this group

Metropolit's first pics in Flyers colors

Bryan Berard's first pics in Flyers colors

Downie Tongue out

The final Score

In the 2nd round for the day
Team Parent beat Team Allen
I found it interesting that they stuck pretty much all your role play guys on one squad. This game got a little physical but not nearly what I expected it could have gotten.
Curry looks like a younger version of Derian Hatcher.

Pictures from this group

The final Score

Ratchuk on the Rush

Carter Tongue out


Full Set

Then on to Meet the Flyers.
This was probably the smoothest part. Everyone in and sitting in 30 minutes. There was a huge audience and the Players were very accomodating.
Poor Scottie Upshall was accosted by a women who ran and sat on his lap and did the self picture with Scottie thing.
All the players doing interviews in the back parts got mobbed for autographs before segments would start. I felt bad for them cause that really was not the time or place to request those.

It was well done and all the players were very positive.

My favorite pics




Full Set

Ok everyone I will go again tomorrow and Report will again be late cause I don't expect to get home anytime early.

PS Erica's pics from Today can be found here
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September 20, 2008 9:28 PM ET | Delete
Awesome! Hockey is back!
September 20, 2008 10:29 PM ET | Delete
Great info and even better pics. Thanks so much for going to all the effort to make these reports and post all those pics. Us out-of-towners really appreciate it!
September 21, 2008 5:52 AM ET | Delete
no problem my pleasure
September 21, 2008 8:49 AM ET | Delete
Weird in your pictures at end you have Timonen and Coby together and the Carter and Knuble together and Richards and Briere together. Those were all pairings or played on the same line last season.I hear that Carter really hit the gym hard this summer and he's in great shape.
September 21, 2008 8:59 AM ET | Delete
Thanks Nic! I especially appreciate the good Lupul picks.
September 22, 2008 8:11 AM ET | Delete
After the first session, Briere skated up to the glass where a kid with a Briere jersey was standing with his back facing the ice. Briere smacked the glass with his stick and smiled at the boy. This is why I love hockey players more than any other athlete. In my many years of being a fan, I have always found them warm and approachable. Just wanted to mention that
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