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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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Ok all. I am having laptop issues so thus pictures are behind in being uploaded and reports are way behind on being posted.

Monday when I went to Practice this is what I saw

pp unit
richards, Knubler, gagne, Briere timonen
Upshall, Carter, Hartnell, Coburn, Jones

regular lines
gagne, richards briere
kalinski, powe, Giroux
Cote, Downie, Asham
Upshall, Carter, Knuble
Lupul, Metro, Hartnell

Dowd and Clackson

Pics are all uploaded but not put into any type of set at the moment.

Here are the full set link for what I do have. I will get caught up in the next two days.
9/21/08 Camp

Like I said Everything is uploaded including pics from last night's Flyers game and Yesterday's Phantoms game. Both teams won. Today's Flyers practice and Phantoms game will get done by Friday.

You can look at my whole photostream here until I get it in sets.


ooops almost forgot the video....
Phantoms Game 9/22/08 Fights
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September 24, 2008 12:40 AM ET | Delete
Nicole, you provide more people with more coverage of the Flyers than any of the local mainstream media sources...Kudos and thanks.
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