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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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This Friday I have a caught up DVR accept for ace of Cakes. Amazing what getting injured in hockey tournaments does for your DVR.

The last couple weeks I have covered hockey withdrawal and Player fan interaction.
I appreciate the feedback you all have given. I love hearing everyone’s stories.

The AHL schedule came out this week. I think you all know that in the last 2 seasons I have become much more involved in following the Flyers AHL affiliate the Phantoms. This season they have moved from Philadelphia to points north, Glens Falls, NY.

This has definitely been a loss for the local Philadelphia area. I can not tell you how many people have told me how the Phantoms players have touched and changed not only their lives but their kids’ lives. Kids could be close to the action and several kids only events with the team made the relationship between young fan and player very unique.
I hope those players realize the positive impact that they have had on those kids.

I encourage anyone near and AHL team to take in a game. It is good action and if you have kids take them. Introduce them to the love of hockey you have maybe they will love it too.

Last night I made a whole scenario to work in what Flyers games I want with the Phantoms will be with in 3 hours of Philly games. I have a list of about 15 games for each team. I am going to several new arenas and a few I haven’t been in for a long time Like the Hartford Civic Center. I love hockey road trips. You bond with your fellow travelers have all kinds of experiences that few would understand like how cool was it to find out the team is in the same hotel you are in.

I want to hear the road trip stories. Please share them.

I also wanted to talk about how Players and Fans work together to give back to their communities. I love seeing that players are running camps for kids to help them improve.
I think it is probably a great experience for both the player and the kids.

The next level of giving back is the charity event. There are a number of these through out the summer. Most seem to be golf tournaments which I think is every NHL players favorite past time. There are a few original things. I saw a ball hockey tournament and some type of barbeque. I love hearing of great turnouts and charities benefiting from these events. I think it is great that players want to give back to charities and communities. To me that means that there is still good and hope in the world.

I love to hear when organizations are also in that giving spirit like the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Carnival and various Casino Nights through out the season.

Please get out and support your local team & the charities.

Flyers faithful you have a chance next weekend. Riley Cote is hosting his 2ns Annual Cote Carnival at Swanky Bubbles. Players to appear Jeff Carter, ray Emery, Aaron Asham and James Van Reimsdyk. Proceeds go to help knock out MS.
You can buy tix at Cotecarnival.net.
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