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12/15/07 Flyers practice

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It was kinda sad for me today. This is the last day I went to practice this week.
plus being a game day the skate is optional and only about half of the team skates.

It was pretty light even for a game day skate.

Todays feature player of the day Marty Biron cause he put on a really nice show for us while testing out his skates. Plus he stopped post practice and talked to the group there for a little bit while signing. Which I absolutely need to say a big huge THANK YOU MARTY!


Kukkonen, Niitty, Tolpeko, Cote, Boulerice, Hartnell, Coburn, Picard, Dowd, Eager, Gagne (with no red cross), Umberger, Biron, and Upshall.

Missing that generally do participate Richards and Timonen.

They got on a little after 10 and did the normal drills.

Then it got down to the post practice these guys are most likely not playing tonight vs the coaches

Teams today were

Boulerice, Cote and Mullen


mcIlhargey, Lemelin, Gagne and Murray

Boulerice had 2 goals one was well argued mostly cause he did not have the required amount of passes before shooting.

Cote had a nice goal too. I was talking so I apologize I did not keep good score.
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