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1/29/08 kings @ Flyers

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Thanks to everyone who stopped to see me, Txted, called and I saw after the game.
Shout outs to Julie, Sportsnut88, Rad, JSF, Brooke, Karen, and Theresa
Thanks to Kristin for letting me go with you. That was very fun and I hope I laugh as much on Thursday night.

I called into Buzzcast on my way to the game. So go listen to today's buzzcast.

I made awesome time. Leaving work 15 min early with permission got me to the game in time for pre game skate.

I admit I wanted to go to this specific game cause many of the Kings players rock my fantasy rosters. I know the Kings not at the top of the charts but they have some gems in that rough space. I was also excited to see some old Flyers like Handzus and Calder.

I got to Wachovia center and decided I needed to be at the dead center to get both pre game warmups. I didn't take half as many pics of the Kings as the Flyers but I got a few.

Then on to my seat. I have never sat that low at the Wachovia center before. I was in the 5th row. It was just Amazing.

Several of my key shots tonight were ruined by Jeff Carter's behind. Not sure where Carts came from but all the sudden he would be in the shot when I looked at it.

Ok the first period I just wanted a goal from the Flyers. The bad thing about sitting so low was I couldn't see the play develop like I can from the 2nd tier.
The Flyers seemed to have great pressure and out shot the Kings in this period.

Intermission got dinner and back to seats took all intermission.

Then Score!!!! Flyers came out good only to loose it right back as Kings score barely a few seconds later. 2nd period nap time. Really the 2nd period nap time has to stop. I don't know what causes it or why it occurs but I even want a nap lately watching the Flyers 2nd periods.

2nd intermission saw a few people which was nice to visit. The visit though caused Kristin and I to be late and had to wait to go down the steps. I turn to Kristin and say well when I go with Erica to the Phantoms games, the Phantoms usually oblige us by scoring so we can go back to our seats. SCORE!!!! Simon Gagne, Kristin couldn't believe it.

Back in our seats for the third. Flyers are into it but there is just to much back and forth and it is kinda edge of your seat scary. Then bummer Kings score and this is a tie game.
Kristin and I both have now noticed that LaBarbera is hurting pretty good. He was super slow getting up and it looked like his teammates asked him if he was ok several times. This would continue the rest of the game and into OT.

OT starts and Kristin and I are both pretty much yelling score we don't want a shoot out. Still on the edge of my seat trying to take pics and trying to remember to breath. I know Biron will keep the puck out I want the Flyers to get some good quality shots with juicy rebounds on Labarbera cause I don't think he is going to stop it based on just how slow getting up he is at this point. Then Richards to a falling Hartnell and SCORE! game is over. Goal goes under review no distinct kicking motion is noted and the Game is over the Flyers win.

Three stars were
3 Upshall
2 Hartnell
1 Coburn

No slide for the stars at all.

Ok that is all for tonight. I was so relieved that the Flyers won. It was spritzing out so no hanging out to see who stopped.

Going again Thursday vs the Rangers.
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January 30, 2008 1:24 AM ET | Delete
Cool, Nic. Glad you had a good time. Have fun on Thursday
January 30, 2008 9:21 AM ET | Delete
Always look forward to the updates, thanks.
January 30, 2008 11:42 AM ET | Delete
Do you have to get any sort of ticket or anything to see the players after the games? Does it cost anything? Where is the exit? I wanted to go at the last game I was at, but was kind of clueless...
January 30, 2008 8:49 PM ET | Delete
It doesn't cost anything to see the players after the games. There is no guarantee that anyone will stop. The players exit from the middle gate on the 11th street side of he building. If you exit the pavillion you walk straight out and it is to the left. There is a barricade to stand behind to wait for the players.
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