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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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First THANK YOU HF for your parking pass hope London is fun. Parking and traffic were the worst part of this whole night and you saved me big.

Second THANK YOU ERICA!!!!!! Great time as always thank you for being a fellow Rowdy.

Third YO Drew Rocking Riles shirt is 4-0-1!!!!!


Shout outs to Roseann, Kristen, Theresa, Rad (see you thursday), Karen and anyone else playing along in Txt me.

Traffic as I said above was a nightmare due to the Phillies game being at the same time. I did not make warmups despite leaving my work @5pm.

The crowd was as loud as I have heard them the concourse areas were rowdy. I saw maybe caps fans and they got the life heckled out of them.

I took a panorama shot with my camera but I haven't quite worked uploading it altogether into my photos all the shots that make it up are there so you can get the idea of the sea of orange.

I was as loud as I could be. Poor Erica is suffering from a cold and could not be that loud.

for every goal that was scored it was high fives all around the whole row the row in front of us everyone.

the crowd was highly displeased with the officials and enjoyed booing ovie everytime he touched the puck. The most colorful chant of the night award goes to section 209 and their play on the let's go Flyers chant saying f ovechkin.

Sorry no warmup pics.

Afterwards only Tolpeko and Jones stopped.
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