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A BIG THANK YOU! to all the wonderful folks I have talked to and hung out with all week. I have had a great time and I hope you have too. Enjoy the pics

Theresa awesome hanging out last night post game and today I hope you like all the Scottie Upshall pics. See I told you I was taking them.

Well it was a crazy week of vacation. I did not go to practice on Thursday cause it is too long a ride with icy roads for a short practice. I dunno if I would have brought the team some different luck on Thirsday night if I had gone but one can always hope.

Instead I got to be infront of my computer to hear about Mike Richards being a Flyer for the next 12 years. I think that is completely and totally AWESOME!!!
I love Mike's dedication to this organization and I look forward to watching him for years.

My hour and half ride to the Wachovia Center got me there nice and early for great spot to watch Pre Game warmups. While I was waiting and Talking to PTPITN regular Vis they showed a live press conference of Paul Holmgren announcing Mike Richards contract extension.

Then pre game warmups big things to note from warmups were the amount of signs to be seen around the glass and the amount of pucks I saw players give away. I think that was probably THE MOST pucks I have seen the team give away during warmups. It seemed to me like there was a competition to give away the pucks to the tons of kids that were in the penalty boxes in front of me and along the glass.

The game well there were some serious flashes that this team could maybe turn the game around but it didn't seem to get a full fire going to burn the barn down.

The crowd was really hot on Fitzpatrick. He seemed to be the scapegoat of the night. The other issue was the 2 habs fans with signs that didn't go over too well with my rowdy section in the upper level.

Practice the day after...........

I was not as organized as I should have been and left sans notebook. I wrote on the backs of my business cards to make sure I remembered the stuff I knew I would forget.

I will say the team got skated pretty hard today.

1st one out today Riley Cote!

the colors

Riley Cote

Red Cross

Dark Blue
Hartnell, Briere, Knuble

Tolpeko, Carter, Kapanen

Lupul, Richards, Umberger

Baby Blue
Upshall, Dowd, Eager

Picard, Smith, Jones, Kukkonen, Hatcher, Coburn, Fitzpatrick, Niitty, Biron

No Timonen!!!!!

The whole first 10 min or so of practice was breaking out of the zone.
Riley led stretches today
after practice there was alot of people working on things and vets talking to younger guys trying to help them out. The most prominent on this to me was Briere. I think he talked to 6 different guys helping them with different things. This was to me a good sign that this team will get out of the pattern that has been going on.

Alright that is all I have for right now. Sorry this is so late going up. Hope you all enjoy it.
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December 15, 2007 3:08 AM ET | Delete
Nice blog. Thanks for these, as always.
December 15, 2007 8:56 AM ET | Delete
why break up Upshall-Carter-Tolpeko for Kapanen? Don't like that at all
December 15, 2007 11:38 AM ET | Delete
That rowdy section wouldn't be 223? I had those (or other) habs fans sitting right behind me. The same section as the "2 minutes for sucking", "Hatcher hit em with your purse" guy. The crowd has really down on Rory, and I can't blame them. He is a turnover in the d-zone machine with no real offensive upside.
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