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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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For the record I am still working on my DVR for off season it is at a hefty 58%. Tonight I am catching up on Burn Notice.

Most of you know I am the picture girl. I take tons of pictures I love trying to pick out some new thing to try and capture about hockey players on the ice. Famous sets I have are

Happy Camper (pix of players laughing or smiling)


Funny Faces


Tongue Out


The one thing I have notice among my pictures sets is the steady stream of views. I don't know how to insert my flickr stats here but I have had a steady 1000 views per day. Last summer I was averaging 500 per day.

To me that says folks have hockey withdrawal and are looking to have their hockey appetites whetted.

I see evidence of this in other places

Eklund's buzzcast talking about the number of unique views


Like the Yahoo Puck Daddy blog


I have seen evidence of it in my twitter & facebook streams also.

If you have all these people starving for hockey information what are NHL teams doing to satisfy their fan bases.

Well I can tell you a few things:

the Flyers had Braydon Coburn and Riley Cote swim with the sharks at the aquarium


The LA Kings are having hockey fest


The Boston Bruins are covering Tim Thomas' vacation


What I see is a huge opportunity for NHL clubs to drive folks to their sites that is being missed. Yes, it is the off season but you still have advertising and sponsors. Why not take advantage of these hockey folks in withdrawal?

Tell me if you were the NHL team PR person what would you put on your website right now to attract those in hockey withdrawal?
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