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"Pictures and hockey what could be better"
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Thanks number 23 good to see you again. Jsaq nice to meet you as well.

Pictures first

Video 2nd



I was ontime for a change for practice only because I arrived @ 9:50 and the Flyers got on the ice 9:55 The website again listed 10:30 as the time for practice.

Today must have been an optional skate for the morning as Hatcher, Timon, Gagne, Briere and Knuble were all missing.

Eager and Boulerice did practice. Special guest appearance by that Ryan Potulny(helmet has #16 on it).

Upshall is the player in Baby Blue.

Fitzpatrick no longer is sporting a white jersey with a Red cross.

The first video is what was done most of the time they were on the ice. I just took a short bit of it. They all got off around 10:20 except for Eager, Boulerice, Upshall, Fitzpatrick and Nitty.
Clearly we know who will be in Goal tonight.

The remaining coaches are Mullen, Murray, Lemelin and McIlhargey. They have a 4 on 4 game Murray, MullenEager and Boulerice vs Upshall, Fitzpatrick McIlhargey and Lemelin.

Upshall's team wins 8 to 4.

The rules seem to be you have to make 3 passes before shooting at the net once your team gains possession. It was a pretty even contest until the rest break, reface off in the air.

Then the skaters all had to do suicides and got off.

Nitty was still on the ice then joined by his wife and children. They were cute to watch. Nitty is clearly a good dad.

When I went out Nitty was just pulling up and stopped to sign for the pretty good size line that was waiting for autographs.

More hopefully tonight from the game.
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