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There are companies out there whose reason for existence is to place you into a demographic. They have a pretty good chance of figuring out what you read, how much television you watch, what car you are most likely to buy and a hundred other factors that make up who you are.

Let's face it, we are all a collection of numbers.

Social security
Driver's license
Bank account
Credit cards

More than that, we all fit into a demographic.

Household Income

Feeling pretty affirmed and special, aren't ya?

In terms of your internet use, they know what sites you like to visit and how often you visit them. They know if you like Ford over Dodge. "Big brother" truly is watching.

So what does this all mean?

Glad you asked.

It means that the gatekeepers of the internet know how much and how many of you visit HockeyBuzz . They know the number of new visitors (upwards of roughly 11,000 unique addresses per month) and what percentage of you hit the site more than 30 times a month - what is called an addict.

Hi, my name is Steal_your_faceoff...and I am a HockeyBuzz addict. I hit this site every time I turn on my browser. Heck, I probably hit HB 30 times in a week, let alone a month. I used to go to one site for my NHL news, another for my rumors and still another to talk with others about the sport. Then HB came along...and I was hooked. One stop shopping for all your hockey related needs 24/7. I was hooked...like a fiend for nicotine. I went from recreational user to hardcore addict in a fairly short amount of time. The key was the Season Ticket. Not only did I get the rumors, some of the boards and MyHockeyBuzz, but I got the fantasy games, the full boards, the emails and - most importantly - the chat. I got to talk to other hockey freaks like myself who had also been searching for somewhere to talk about the game that they love. I was hooked...big time.

While the demographics "Big Brother" can tell how many times you visit or what percentage are hard core addicts, what they cannot tell is how long and how hard we have been searching for somewhere like HockeyBuzz. This place is truly unique.

It is unique in how it is changing the landscape of hockey writing and how the "mainstream media" feel about our sport. We have taken control of the blogosphere and the inmates are running the asylum. Kinda cool, isn't it? HB is a shout out in the hockey wilderness...and guess what? The shouts are heard and returned by hockey fans across North America and the globe. We have the power to make our voices heard in a way that has NEVER been available before. This is an exciting time.

So, when you come visit HB, walk right in and find a chair. Grab a cup of cyber-java, put on a nametag and make yourself comfortable. Then, when you are ready, stand up and say, "Hi...I'm my name is [insert name] and I am a HockeyBuzz addict." You'll be glad you did.

Oh...and give "Big Brother" a wink.

Viva HockeyBuzz!

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