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This is a statement game. Period.

The Flyboys were solidly outplayed by a more determined, grittier team that spent too much time in the Flyers' zone. The Flyers spent too much time in the box against the league's best power play and paid the price and had a shortie put up on them.

The Forwards need to forecheck better and keep the puck in the zone and make the Caps react. The Defense needs to make crisp outlet passes and spark the transition game. The team needs to keep the shot totals down - Niity needs to be able to see the puck and control as few rebounds as possible. Oh, and he needs to bring his glove hand to the rink tonight. Most importantly, the Flyers need to stay out of the box and win the game 5-on-5 - which they are more than capable of doing. Allow Nylander to feed AO in man-down situations and it will be a long night for Niitty.

This game will tell us much about the character of this team as it endures its longest roadtrip of the season.

This type of game is why you became a hockey player in the first place. This is as much of a must win as could be in a young season. This is a momentum game.

This is why you rode on cramped buses throughout the night to faraway games just to play the game you love...why you spent hours firing pucks into empty nets long after the other kids were safe and warm...why you skated sprint after sprint 'till your legs and lungs were ready to burst...why you felt like entering the rink was like a homecoming. This is why you became a hockey player.

This is a game with a big, red circle around it.

Cinch your chinstraps tight boys.

This is gut check time.

Are you ready?

Thanks for reading...

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November 2, 2007 10:02 PM ET | Delete
Great post. Last night's Habs game left me feeling as if the 4 day layoff was too long. Waaay too much time spent in the Flyer's zone. Tonight was much better. Richards is like a revelation, is he for real? Because right now, he looks to me like the next Tocchet. I spent a good portion of last year wondering what the buzz was about him. Now I understand!
November 2, 2007 10:29 PM ET | Delete
Richards is the real deal and will be your next Captain. He is all the things that I loved so much about Keith Primeau - he is not Prims, but his leadership and on ice work ethic are very similar. Like Primeau, he is willing to do the little things that make wins happen, including dropping the gloves like tonight to spark the team that sorely needed it. Richards is a leader. He has matured in a way, during this early season, that is like watching a lightbulb go on. Richards just "gets it" now - much like Primeau did in the 2004 Playoffs. Prims realized that he could control a game, not just by scoring, but also by shutting down the other team's top guy. Richards is cut from the same cloth. He is the real deal and has evolved into the team's leader - no matter what line he is on or what job he is doing. He leads by example and plays meaningful minutes on the PP. PK and 5-on-5. That is the definition of a Captain.Thanks for commenting....SYF
November 3, 2007 12:07 AM ET | Delete
The Flyers still have many issues to figure out before they can become a bonafide playoff team. A win tonight was huge, but nowhere near a statement game.
November 3, 2007 11:00 AM ET | Delete
Bradleyc4 - I guess what I meant by "statement game," and forgive me for not being clear, was that HOW the Flyers played after getting destroyed by the Habs would tell us a lot. They ended up playing an ugly 1st period -again- and won the game with a good 2nd period. They do have many problems that need to be addressed, but they won the game they had to win. Thanks! SYF
November 4, 2007 10:15 AM ET | Delete
Like a steam locomotive, rollin down the track -- That describes Richie's play to me Again Great Blog SYF!!
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