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Welcome back

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To that same old place, ya collapsing now. To the dreams ya made us believe since seasons start! Ew, ya had me believing in a whole different winning season. Ya teased us a lot, now ya on the spot. Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcome baaack.

Jacks playing Dingfelder Horshack, Skinners Barbarino, Dahlin's Washington and Sams Juan Epstein, Ralph Kruegers Mr Kotter. The rest of the Sabres fill in as the nameless supporting cast classmates.

Ralph must have dropped a double deuce, someone sitting behind the bench reported smelling a real foul stench. You think a morning skate or two will wake up this team?

They're playing like sweat hogs.

The once dangerous powerplay has farted out as has the balanced scoring, good defense, and stellar goaltending.

I thought since the third game the cracks were starting to show. More and more as each game came and went.
The smooth-skating, crisp passes out of the zone and the exciting stretch pass plays are gone, in its place confusion, overthinking and those dam chip the puck plays that end up in our net.

Dahlin's a mess, contributing on goals for the other team, I say sit him for a game.

It's not much of a shock as I, like many fans, are a little guarded and shell shocked from past seasons experience. Like last year we a great October and a crappy start to November. Looking familiar?
The only response from this team I want to see, starting on 70's night is a massive blowout of the Gorton's fisherman.

If we lose we slide.
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