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Welcome to the month of slidevember. The month where a less than mediocre Sabres team has been figured out early on. It started with the L.A. Kings hitting and continues on today. This team crumbles when hit.

A daring move would be trading the captain, Jack Horshack. The teams relying on him too much to carry the puck. If they're going towards the offensive more than likely it will be a backward pass to Jack whos gaining speed to be met by a brick wall at the blue line. Four players standing up at the line with one man back to clear the puck. It slows the game down and doesn't work. STOP IT!

I know we have 5 guys on the ice even strength but in the defensive zone, it's like they're killing a penalty. When they're in the offensive zone they can't keep possession of the puck and most times have trouble gaining the line. Thus piss poor 5v5 play.

Powerplay - again puck possession, puck control is our nemesis. Guys, it's 5v4 and the same as 5v5, puck in puck goes out. The result, no goals.

Body position: simple, your chest facing the way you want the puck to go.

Fans were wanting to see the entire 4th line gone. Guess what? a new 4th line won't make you a contender. We're 4 players away, flying on a wing and a prayer.

Since the team can't score maybe they should work on physicality. Hit them hard and hurt them. Make the opposition fear to play you like the timid pussies that you are. See psychology works on you, it'll work on them.

Can we ice the Beauts and see how they'll do. Maybe it will be another miracle on ice.
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