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"As it should be................"
hamburg, NY • United States •
He's reached a new level after the 6 - 1 flogging at the hands of the St. Louis Blues. I'm surprised his head didn't spin and shoot steam.

Teds a competitive man, he doesn't like to loose. Yes, he understands the rebuilding process but he certainly as well as all Sabre's fans wants to see a complete 60 minute effort no matter what.

The time is now to make some call ups from the farm. I would like to see Grigorenko and Armia take the drive down the 90w. Ok, before some of you start ya barking I know the both of them at the same time is a tall order but why not bring the chemistry up instead of just one and see how they do up here. NHL experience in small doses can be good for development, more so for Armia than Grigs.

PS - Can we also call up McCabe and or Ruhwedel.
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