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"As it should be................"
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All season long it seems like the Buffalo Sabres could never field a healthy team. Injuries to main components of both the offense and the defense contributed to the bottom of the bucket once again for the Buffalo Sabres.

So far in the absence of Johan Larrson we've seen "The Lion Eater" start to awake, a first goal and a pipe for a Buffalo native, and a defensive scheme that leads to a fast transitional game where passes are tape to tape or nuetral zone turn overs happen then Jack Eichel weaves his magic into the offensive zone that always leads to a goal by Jack -Be - Nible or an assist to an awaiting teammate because of some sick pass Jack makes.

The Sabres the last two games in the absence of....... have employed a 3 man stand up at the defensive blue line that's a real thing of beauty, being played to perfection, heck sometimes the collapse to the blue line had 4 & five cloggin up the blue line creating turn overs.

KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!

Marcus Foligno, what can one say about a hockey player (on the same 3 year curve of developement as Nick) taking his game to another level. If Marcus can turn out like his bro in Columbus or a lil better then we have another piece of the puzzle.

Gus the Bus, Gus the Lion eater, he seems to love were he's at on the center position. I've always thought he's being misused by the coaching staff, Gus needs to be down the middle. If the Sabres make Gus part of a trade package they would be making a big mistake, on another team Gus down the middle would be pure terror, the Lion eater roars, the Lion eater scores!!!

Gus is a keeper.

And speaking of keepers I say sign Anders Nilsson to a contract and consider using Lehner as trade bait along with Johan Larrson( consider the trade of McNabb to L.A. a loss), Brian Gionta (on the fence with Gionta), Matt Moulson and Cody Franson.

Keepers: Jack, Silent Sam, Kane, Risto, McCabe, O'Rielly, Okposo, Fedun Foligno & Nilsson.

On the fence: Kulikov , Tyler Ennis & Brian Gionta.

Good bye: Bogosian, Franson, Gionta Larrson & Matt Moulson.

So in the absence of.... don't break things that are working.
January 6, 2017 7:53 PM ET | Delete
Finally! Someone I agree 100% with
January 6, 2017 9:05 PM ET | Delete
What do you 100% agree with? The blog or the crappy editor part?
January 6, 2017 10:22 PM ET | Delete
The blog. Except Kulikov is a "good bye" in my books
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