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Sabres CBJ

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After dropping to an early 2 - 0 deficit Buffalo comes back to tie it on two sweet goals. A cross ice pass one timer by Marcus Johansson making it 2 - 1 Columbus. Then a strip n steal from behind in front of the Blue Jackets net, a dip, a do , he scores! 2 - 2.

So early in the season and it’s going to hard to beat that highlight reel goal. Jeff Skinner is a steal and worth every penny.

The boys have looked tired since the 1st period. It’s now early in the third and it’s even more evident. Today’s game doesn’t have the flow as the first two. However Linus Ullmark is playing spectacularly, keeping the Sabre’s in the game, damn spoke too soon. Nick Foligno tips it in. 3 - 2, CBJ. At 6:46.

Sabre’s PP. Dubois touching the puck.

The Sabres nets empty, down a goal..... Dahlin to Goaloffson one timer! The games tied PP goal!.

And we go to overtime! Can the boys in Blue & Gold pull it off? Stay tuned!!!!!!!

#9, #23 & #10 to start the o.t.!!

Breakdown in the defensive zone CBJ 4 - 3. Skate away with a point.

5/6 points ain’t nuttiness to be ashamed of.
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