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Game 1 Buffalo Sabres

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I liked the play of Housley's Heros, The Buffalo Sabres. Most of the night they cleared the D-Zone efficiently which I've considered a major problem the last few years. If you want to put quick pressure on the opponent, the transition has to be fast, crisp, and on the tape. You want to be flying through the neutral zone while the oppositions defense is racing to get in position while screening off their winger and centerman with a d-man and a winger making sure those two opposing players are the last to join in the play in the O-zone.

So my grades on the team in their first game.

Offense C.
Welcome back Pommer! 2 goals way to go! Kudos to the whole line, Seth Griffith set up the first goal and Jack put a sweet cross ice pass right on the tape for the one timer.

Ryan, what happened at the blue line?

45 sog's that's what I want to see game in and out but the offense has to produce more on 45 shots.

Defense B
Wow what a difference a better G.M. & coach makes.
I liked the play of both new D-men. The D cleared the zone way better than they have the last few years and looked comfortable joining the rush.

Goaltending C+
A couple of things I noticed throughout the game it looked like Robin Lehner had problems keeping his eye on the puck after the initial save and getting his pad to the post on the wrap around. The tying goal went right up the blade of his skate and into the net.

Do I really have to mention the shootout?

Robin, seek the help Anthony Robbins and Dom Hasek. Trust me, it'll be a good investment if you want to score a big contract and stay on the team.

Penalty kill A
The team did a great job on the pk, too bad I can't sat that for the PP.

Power play F
Buffalo has two 5 on 4 pp's and goose egged as they did when they were gifted with a 5 on 3 and couldn't produce a goal. This is inexcusable. When your up two men the setup should be easy.

Looks like we know what they'll be practicing.

Coaching B
Phil had the team ready to play, they looked good with the exception of two plays, and those two flubs you have to put on O'Rielly and Lehner not the coach.
However, the flat lined on the pp and this should be an immediate concern.

I feel comfortable saying I'm more optimistic about the team than I've been in a looooong time.
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