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Buried by an avalanche

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Anybody who thought the Sabre's were doing well in the infancy of the 2018-19 season after winning two in a row by puck luck where looking at the Sabes in rose color glasses.

The first period was all the Av's needed to embarrass the home town team in their own house. I'm not sure if it was blazing speed by the Av's or if was the comatose road cones in blue n gold standing still that made them look that way.

You can see the signs of confusion early on when the puck was coughed up in the defensive zone to Gabriel Landeskog who skated in alone on "The Baconator" Carter Hutton who made save after save until the entire team turned into road cones and hung him out to dry, taking two consecutive penalties allowing Colorado to end the period with a 3 -0 lead after Kyle Okposo's goal was called back due to interference.

Hutton's play has been hiding the Sabre's deficiencies. But like his predecessors he was hung out to dry. I'd be pissed if I were him and very vocal to the team.

Welcome to Buffalo Carter, did you even think about calling Robin Lehner before you signed in the 716?

I liked and still do like the hiring of Jason Bottril but I can't believe he didn't challenge Phil Housley's choice of support staff last season, so, how could I expect a different result this season when the playbooks the same?

For Terry Pegula's sake I hope all coaches contracts aren't guaranteed because he certainly isn't getting his monies worth and neither are we.

Please bring in a solid disciplinarian with a proven track record and make sure he doesn't hire another high school coach.

This years Sabre's are weak under the skin and seem not to be grasping Phil's system.
Make changes early, boldly go where you haven't gone before and show some blue collar guts to your blue collar fan base.

Pay up for the top echelon coaches instead of giving an up n comer a chance.
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