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Evander Kane 2

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Just read Garth's thread on the game tonight. I don't think Kane will even talk to him down at the arena.
Just Like a lot of other Sabres fans he emphasised Kanes trade value skyrocketing. I agree, Kanes value has never been higher. Here or anyplace else.
His value is to this team and the fans. Tim Murray traded an aweful lot to get Kane, and Evander did live up to his reputation as a bad boy but I think he's grown up both on the ice and off the ice. Right now he's everything and more than G.M.T.M. could hope for. His off the ice rep has cooled off and Mr. Kane's doing great!

Tim Murray trading Evander Kane is almost like admitting he made a mistake. He's not about to do that, he's smarter than that. He's seeing his plan come together and wow! if these are glimpses of this team jelling the Buffalo's going to be a force to be reckoned with.

If by chance this is our Sabres performing another 2nd half rush as usual, and they do make the playoffs they could easily make the 2nd round.

Trading Kane puts the rebuild farther back, trading Kane is stupid.

Too bad you couldn't rent a player under contract for some assets then after returns to his original team. How cool would that be?

Let's play a game and go against my thoughts of keeping E.K. ,lets do trade scenarios.

But before we go forward the bone headed move Chiarelli made giving Taylor Hall away in no manner what so ever affects Kanes value.
My value of Kane is he can bring whatever contender he's traded to a championship.
So my value is 1st line D, 2ND line winger, a 1st and 2nd. Ya'll know Darcy would fleece someone like that, maybe Tim should call and ask advice or hire him as an agm.

To all you that want to trade Kane whats his value to you, what and who would you trade him for, mind the cap and expansion.
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His value is growing but there is no way you get more then a 1st rd a decent prospect. 1st pairing D is almost impossible to acquire unless you are trading away the far superior player.
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I would never trade Kane for a 1st and a prospect. Evanders more valuable than 2 unknowns.
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Trading Kane is really stupid! I completely agree with you. Tim Murray is not retarded and would only do it if it meant something way more comes back. otherwise look for a current defensemen or a forward getting moved. Tim is all in as a buyer not a seller.
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Why is GMTM a buyer? Nobody in the East has fewer points. Might as well increase those lotto odds and pick up a few more picks as they are 2-3 years away from playoffs.
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Even in the weakest shittiest division in the NHL the Sabres have no chance. Youre 7 points back of Toronto. No chance an Atlantic team gets the wildcard. Even if you do pass Toronto, the chamces of doing it by a wider margin than Tampa Bay, Florida or Boston are weak at best. Time for you guys to start looking at Bob Mackenzies top 10 draft prospects and talking about that.
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