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Sabres burn leaves

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PEEEE- EWWWWW!!!! OMG! the stentch ! what's that NASTY skanky smell?
I'll tell you what it is, it's the Tonto Mable Leaves and their crappy pants fans after Robyn Lehner made save after save even fooling the goal judge who got fired.

I don't care if you made the playoffs, this is about tonights game in Buffalo. Your leaves stunk up the ice like an unbathed Tonto hooker. The only place Tonto didn't stink was influx of fans from the barron north on the other side of Lake Ontario who spent their money at the arena, adjacent parking lots and area business's on food, drinks and new trousers. I thank you for that.

Back to the complete 60 minute game the Sabres played.

Puck control:
The puck stuck to the Sabres sticks & Maple Leafs twine, kinda like that stickiness you get on your fingers after eating an apple fritter from Timmy Ho's. You all know what I mean!
It didn't matter if the puck was ping ponging in a scrum of players, the Sabres usually came up with the puck, coupled with the quick decisive tap passes, their transition game roared down the ice into the Leaves zone over and over, creating chance after chance, goal after goal.

Great game Tyler Ennis! (who seems to be an after thought). Tyler, if your not back next year, THANK YOU for your dedication to the team and the fans. Your professionalism and support of our community is class.
If you leave, wherever you land, I believe you'll keep up consistant 20 goal seasons. Even after returning from concussions you play with heart and sole, to me thats a sign of character and a sign of a true fan of hockey. UNDERRATED, UNDERAPPRECIATED.

Tyler why did you go along with the script for that hockey equipment commercial a couple of seasons ago?

Power play: #1 vs #2

Sabres win this one. They have the #1 pp, it scored again, nothing more has to be said.

5 on 5, 5 on 4, defense, offense, goaltending, it was on all game!

Lets look at multi point production from the Sabres:

Jack Eichel - 2g + 1a
Ryan O'Reilly - 1g + 1a
Dimitri Kulikov 1g + 1a
Kyle Okposo - 2a
Tyler Ennis - 2a

That's FIVE, count them, FIVE multi point scorers and one of them was a defenseman! If you add in the helpers from Bogo, Silent Sam and Falk you have a grand total of 8 point getters for the Sabres, a rarity!

O.K. folks, how many of you have coverted your belief from Lehner wasn't worth a 1st rd. pick to being sold on Robyn being a legit #1 goaltender? Was he worth giving up Colin White (If the Sabres would've taken him at that pick)?
I'll tell you what I see, a goalie standing on his head playing lights out, did you see how fast all those jubilant raised leaves fans arms turned into looks of "disbeleaf" when the goal light went on but no puck crossed the line as Lehner closed the door once again on what looked like a for sure goal. I was rollin' with a big grin as I thought about the sea of blue sitting back down. I have to give an assist to Robyn Lehner for his brilliant pass to Eichel as he noticed the leaves changing. I alse him 2 points for the big saves bringing Lehner's total point production to three making him as big a factor in this game as Jack Eichel.

Oooops! almost forgot! Fredrick went down with an upper body boo boo.

I give an A+ for spreading out the ice time amongst the defense in the absence of Rasmus Ristolainen.

Can anyone tell me why Jake McCabe just stood there allowing a leaves player to skate in and steal the puck from him?

Falk comes through again.

Boehner(pronounced: boner) for the leaves fans:
Honorable mention to Austin Matthews for his 34th.

My 3 stars of the game:

1- Jack Eichel
2- Robyn Lehner
3- Dimitry Kulikov
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Yeah...sabres fans have a lot to gloat about
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I enjoy the rivalry. Both cities have suffered and survived through years of chitty hockey. Now and for the foreseeable future we will be able to watch our teams battle on the ice with the leagues top players. I love NHL hockey and these two teams are going to be awesome!
March 27, 2017 10:33 AM ET | Delete
Is this Garf?
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